Paramore concert May 17 at the Avalon Hollywood

The concert was so amazing, it’s almost ridiculous!

It was so great. well my aunt took me after she got off work. she changed her shirt and we were off on the road. well it was 5:45 at the time when we left. later down the freeway, we hit major L.A. traffic. it sucked so bad, partly because it started at 8:00 and it was now 7:00. then she said she was terribly hungry (she didn’t eat anything for lunch and now she was starving herself) and that she wanted a quesadilla. then she started rambling about “where/how am i going to use the bathroom at this venue?” haha well I told she was just going to have to wait. she said that was a twisted idea. I responded with my experience of holding my pee for much longer 4 hours and that 25 year olds can suck it up. at 7:15 we get to hollywood and we found a decent parking spot where we her car couldn’t get vandalized or perhaps stolen. we found a Baja Fresh, ordered a platter “to-go” so we could speed it up and get to the venue. so here my aunt is, that poor soul, stuffing her face with every step and crosswalk, and she tells me she’s going to be sick for the sake of taking me to the concert. so the guilt trip comes and takes me over, so I help her and take a few bites of quesadilla smothered in green guacamole, yum yum =D after that I we were able to get in and thanks to god, there was gardly anyone there. so we went ahead and bought our merch (including the RIOT! shirt gracie wanted since she wasn’t able to go) and then they didn’t have tote bags which pissed me off a little. but regardless of that minor setback, I got my “This is how we dance” Paramore dress and asked the dude for stickers ( they are so wicked xDD ) right after paying, Quietdrive introduced themselves and started playing a few songs. I ran over to where they were playing and took some mediocre photography due to my height ( 5’3) and how far away i was (middle-back area of the venue) then This providence and their wonderful selves got me dancing like a fool =] hayley, Zac, and Jeremy were watching them from a distance and everyone was going crazy when they saw hayley. Som dude was like “OMFG IT’S HAYLEY, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” it was quite funny. then Paramore’s set took a few billion centuries. in the meantime, mariachies played in the background for our entertainment. but when they came on, oh god, i felt my stomach turn because i had wanted to see them for so long and there i was, second row in the front, looking straight at josh. It was so awseome. they played all three of their released songs from RIOT!- Born for This, Misery Business, and For a Pessimist, I’m pretty Optimistic. hayley told those who had video devices to record “For a pessimist…” and to upload it on youtube. then someone threw a few bracelets to the stage and hayley thanked them and gave one to herself and josh, then one was thrown to Zac. the last one was given to jeremy because hayley said it loooked gangsta like him. it was soo funny.

***Josh gave me the cute smirk and smiled at me with his eyes. i nearly fell and died. no lie. Oh yeah..Hayley’s bangs glow in the dark xD so rad =D

sorry for the errors. no time for proof-reading.