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Incite My Riots Chapter 4

“I can’t believe you forced me into this.” Josh grumbled as he tightened the skates around his ankles.

“Hey, you didn’t have to come and spend quality time with your girlfriend. But you…

Happy Birthday Josh Farro: Here Is Your GIF Party!

Josh Farro came into my life (figuratively) when I fell absolutely and hopelessly in love with Paramore in 2006. Since then he made the decision to move on from that project, along with his…

Josh Farro Doesn’t Miss Paramore

It’s been months since the Farro brothers left Paramore and started a new band, Novel American–so long, perhaps, that it was inevitable that some publication stir up some drama.


Introducing Josh Farro’s New Band: Novel American

Paramore’s ex-guitarist is making a new name for himself–Josh spoke exclusively with MTV Buzzworthy about his brand new band, Novel American. Barely a month old, but made up of Farro’s high school alumni,…

Five Things You DON’T Ask Celebrities About on Twitter

Ah, Twitter.  You, like so much of the internet, allow us to have the illusion of being close to a celebrity while at the same time ensuring they have no idea who we are.  You’re…

Paramore’s New Fill-Ins for the Farro Brothers Are…

The dramatic departure of the Farro brothers will not be affecting Paramore’s upcoming tour.

Josh Freese will be drumming in place of Zac Farro and Justin York (Taylor’s brother) will be subbing…

Zac and Josh Farro Release Exit Statement

We knew that founding members Zac and Josh Farro had decided to leave Paramore–the “band” (Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy) released a statement about their depature:

A couple of months ago, Josh and…

Josh Farro Won’t Be On Paramore’s Pacific Rim Tour

Paramore’s lead guitarist will be sitting out the upcoming tour, according to a recent post on the band’s official LiveJournal. [cut=WUT.]

hey guys,
I hope everyones doing

Paramore Covering Loretta Lynn

“You Ain’t Woman Enough” DANG. I love it.

Magazine Scans

feat. Paramore, Panic! At the Disco, and Fall Out Boy

Paramore Talk About The Butterfly

Holy LiveJournal catharsis, Batman! Hayley Williams made up for some lost time on the band’s official blog yesterday evening. She talked about MTV Unplugged, the upcoming music video shoot, how she’s going to pay her

Taylor York Is Officially A Member Of Paramore

Although ever-wise fans of Paramore have commented that Taylor York has been listed as a member of the band since the Final Riot DVD was released, today came an official announcement that he is…

No Doubt, Paramore and The Sounds – “Stand and Deliver”

So like, remember when I interviewed Tom Dumont and asked if they were going to do one big song together (similar to the No Doubt/Garbage/Distillers cover of “Call Me” on a tour back in the dayyyy)? Well, THEY HAVE DONE IT! Love love love it. So much energy and awesome on that stage.

Paramore Reveal Two Track Names; Taylor York Gets In On Photos

I like to start my week by gleaning information that makes me feel a millimeter closer to that new Paramore album, and this article published in the LA Times yesterday did just that. The

ShockHound Interview: Paramore talks Twilight

Made my day ;D

Decode Live on Jimmy Kimmel

Josh Farro of Paramore Talks About New Songs… Sort Of

Ready for your Riot! follow up,
Paramore fans? Well, don’t hold your
breath. Josh Farro talked
to Rock Sound
about their progress on album numero tres, and
basically—it’s just a collection of musical ideas thus far.


Paramore’s Final Riot Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming live DVD from the Tennessee foursome. Are you excited?

Decode Live in Mexico!

Paramore performing “Thats what you get” at los Premios in Mexico

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