Blood Painted Roses Part 18

We’re so sorry that we haven’t posted in…well a very long time. We’re really sorry. We just want to thank those who didn’t give up on our…


Jeremy davis starring in Legally Blind

haha jeremy is blind lol

hayley is late

paramore at the airport

paramore getting pedis

haha joshy

its hayley

Hayley Williams on The Sauce 5-5-08

Hayles on the sauce happy cinco de mayo


It has been quite awhile since we have posted a journal, and its about time to post another. I also decided to answer some of the questions we have gotton asked.

For starters, we have gotton messages/comments asking…

PARAMORE- “That’s What You Get” *new* official music video

That’s What You Get – Behind The Scenes

New Paramore Music Video “That’s What You Get” is a single of pop-punk band Paramore. This is the 3rd US single and the 4th UK single. This single has been confirmed by Fueled by Ramen staff Adam. The music video will be shot in Tennessee, United States. The date of single release and video release… More »

Blood Painted Roses *Part 17*

Ok I’m going to start this out with a huge apology. To be honest, we had this whole story planned out so well that…

Alright, alright, here are your 8 facts:

Oh panasonicyouth, what have you started. Haha. I got tagged, here are the RULES:

1) Only list 8 facts.
2) You must then list 8 TAGS at the end of the post. This means you must name…

Paramore Commercials

These made my day 😀 -Gracie

Random Facts about us Panicrebels



Here are the rules:

1) Only list 8 facts.
2) You must then list 8 TAGS at the end of the post. This means you must…

Back to school with Paramore

“Remember kids,Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” lol -Gracie

Josh Farro screaming w/ My American heart

wowzers..he’s a good screamer 🙂

Panic! At the Disco- Summerfest 2007 [NEW SONG!]

I like it…pretty piano song. the romantics..yeah, that’ll take some getting used to. lol I found this on Vanee’s page credit:o0oMandaPandao0o -Annette

The hairflip!

Chris Crocker is funny.

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