Buzznet Breakdown June 16

It’s time for our weekend wrap up of our favorite posts from the week! Warped Tour has finally started, it’s summer and we are super excited for all your posts, so keep ’em coming! Take…

Behind The Scenes Of Coco De Coeur Rebel Yell

Yesterday was our editorial shoot for Coco De Coeurs new line Rebel Yell, here is your first sneak peak of behind the scenes!

First Look At Coco De Coeur Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell

Max from Say Anything picks his Top 10 Albums of 2007

Paramore’s on everyone’s top 2007 list lol :]

PARAMORE: CrushCrushCrush *NEW* music video

I’m lovin’ Hayley’s extenions xD

Paramore: That’s What You Get (live @ KROQ LA Invasion)

PARAMORE: *new* “Hallelujah” (official video)

credit to New single for UK residents this video literally brought me to tears. after paying their dues as a band and trying so hard with such determination, here they are, getting more famous everyday. they deserve every ounce of fame thrown their way 🙂 they’re here to stay, so start liking them ;D… More »

ClickTV video interview w/Paramore

“Zac gets sick everytime we come over here.” aww poor Zac, sorry but that made me laugh real hard =D My love for Paramore will never die =) -Annette

Paramore DVD soon?

Paramore DVD coming soon?? starskingcharlez tells all. Sounds like a cool thing to do since they are reaching a high point in their careers & have made a good reputation for themselves already…

Paramore: “Let The Flames Begin”- June 15

credit goes to prttynpnk92 on lj note: Hayley’s ear plugs broke earlier so she ripped them out. That’s why it looks like she’s having a hard time hearing herself. what a trooper! -Annette

Hayley’s boobies

x] hahaha “I mean, look at the size of them! THEY’RE MASSIVE!!” this doesn’t get any better =D -Annette

Paramore Listening Party- Just about the best time I’ve had in a looooooong time

So Gracie and I had been waiting for this Friday to come since we found out about the listening party on lj (last week). So we got all hyped up and wore our Paramore…

Jeremy Davis with….a gun?

This so made my day 😀 -Gracie

Paramore concert May 17 at the Avalon Hollywood

The concert was so amazing, it’s almost ridiculous!

It was so great. well my aunt took me after she got off work. she changed her shirt and we were off on the road. well…

A very positive Paramore report

For the first time in almost 8 months, Paramore brought their fun-filled live show to the Avalon on Tuesday night. The club slowly filled up, with most of the crowd arriving just…

Facts about Paramore


birthday:December 27,1988
Birthplace:Meridian, Ms
Eye color:Green
Hieght:about 5’ft to 5’1 ft
Heritage:Scot-Irish and German
Fav. Food:The Pub In Franklin
Country to vist:Rome
5 favorite songs of all time:
1.Death Cab for Cutie-We Laugh indoors
2.Goo Goo Dolls-Iris
3.Filter-Take a picture
4.As I Lay Dying-94…

Paramore has new Album, world tour on deck ;)

Paramore has new album, world tour on deck

March 02, 2007 12:12 PM

Pop-punk/emo band Paramore (tickets |…

“Born for this” by Paramore

Here it is. It’s awesome. It rocks my world. It rocks my socks. It own you all =P LISTEN!!

“Born For This” new song by Paramore

***Oh wowee this song is so good. I’m already in love with “riot” and I haven’t heard the whole thing yet xD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This song is amazing. The gang vocals are great. I can’t express…

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