Josh Farro screaming w/ My American heart

wowzers..he’s a good screamer 🙂

Paramore: “Let The Flames Begin”- June 15

credit goes to prttynpnk92 on lj note: Hayley’s ear plugs broke earlier so she ripped them out. That’s why it looks like she’s having a hard time hearing herself. what a trooper! -Annette

Hayley’s boobies

x] hahaha “I mean, look at the size of them! THEY’RE MASSIVE!!” this doesn’t get any better =D -Annette

PARAMORE: Interview with FUSE The Sauce

One of the many reasons I love Paramore so much =] -Annette

new Britishrock interview

EXCELLENT interview! thanks hayleyp
 for posting this on lj =]



Britishrock: So you played in Germany the last two days … “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park”. How was it?

Josh: It was great ……

Paramore Live @ Kerrang- Pressure

I like how the whole band is involved! Zac= my hero xD -Annette

Paramore interview!

I got this off Enjoy! It made me laugh out loud.


First of all, thanks so much to everyone who helped make this interview possible – Hayley, Josh and Jeremy, of course (and…

Zac and This Providence rapping =D

AHAHAHA! oh my crackerjacks!!!!! hehehe Zac is getting soo cute ^_^ “That butt you got me soo hor-ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” hahahaha!

Jeremy Davis with….a gun?

This so made my day 😀 -Gracie

Paramore and This Provindence.

They sing Pressure in the beginning and the guy from this provindence inpersonates Im sorry but Akon bugs the shit out of me lol -Gracie credit:Livejournal

Blood Painted Roses *Part 14*

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Paramore concert May 17 at the Avalon Hollywood

The concert was so amazing, it’s almost ridiculous!

It was so great. well my aunt took me after she got off work. she changed her shirt and we were off on the road. well…

Bamboozle Day One,

Josh and Hayley come in towards the end, along with clips of their live performances =]

Girl screaming her ass off!

This chick is singing Paramore’s “Emergency” She’s crazy!

Huge Paramore News and info!

Paramore’s label combining with Warner Ind.? More exposure maybe?


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Paramore on The Sauce ~part 1~

A very positive Paramore report

For the first time in almost 8 months, Paramore brought their fun-filled live show to the Avalon on Tuesday night. The club slowly filled up, with most of the crowd arriving just…

Blood Painted Roses *Part 13*

Blood Painted Roses *Part 13*

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Vote for the Paramore to be on the front cover of Alternative Press!! This is your chance to prove your worthiness of being called a PARAWHORE, so let’s get this voting started!!

vote here!!

-panic! rebels


Facts about Paramore


birthday:December 27,1988
Birthplace:Meridian, Ms
Eye color:Green
Hieght:about 5’ft to 5’1 ft
Heritage:Scot-Irish and German
Fav. Food:The Pub In Franklin
Country to vist:Rome
5 favorite songs of all time:
1.Death Cab for Cutie-We Laugh indoors
2.Goo Goo Dolls-Iris
3.Filter-Take a picture
4.As I Lay Dying-94…

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