Facts about Paramore

birthday:December 27,1988Birthplace:Meridian, MsEye color:GreenHieght:about 5’ft to 5’1 ftHeritage:Scot-Irish and GermanFav. Food:The Pub In FranklinFears:SpidersCountry to vist:Rome5 favorite songs of all time:1.Death Cab for Cutie-We Laugh indoors2.Goo Goo Dolls-Iris3.Filter-Take a picture4.As I Lay Dying-94 hours5.Thursday-Understanding in a Car CrashMusical Influences: Etta James, Bjork,Faliure, and Death Cab for Cutie

birthday: September 29,1987Birthplace:New JerseyEye color:BrownHieght:5’8Heritage:ItalianFav. Food:ItalianFears:SpidersCountry to vist:Italy5 favorite songs of all time:1.Death Cab for Cutie-Passenger Seat2.Death Cab For Cutie-Brothers On A hotel Bed3.Keane-We Might As Well Be Strangers4.As I Lay Dying-Anniversity of an Unintersting Event5.And Basically any Underoath songsMusical Ifluences: All of the Above

birthday: June 4,1990Birthplace:New JerseyEye color:BrownHieght:5’9Heritage:ItalianFav. Food:ChilisCountry to vist:Greece Favorite bands: 1.Thrice 2.Underoath 3.Death Cab For Cutie 4.Sigur Ros 5.Kent

birthday: Febuary 8,1985Birthplace:North Little Rock, ArkansasEye color:HazelHieght:5’11Heritage:Cracker mixed with a little bit of CherokeeFav. Food:Cotton Candy, beanie wenies,Chicken Fingers,and all candy!Fears:Spiders and getting shockedCountry to vist:Japan5 favorite songs of all time:1.Nate Dog and Warren G.-Regulators2.As I Lay Dying-Through struggle3.The Chariot-Yanni Deep4.Feist-Mushaboom5.Dredg-Tanbark and hot lavaMusical Ifluences: Underoath, The Chariot, Victor Wooten, Treos

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