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The Things You Learn Once You’re On The Path Towards Your Dreams

When your on the path to achieving your dreams, you learn a few things. Your eyes become more clearer once rejection becomes…

Sundy Carter busted for DUI, blows twice the limit

Another reality TV star is busted for bad behavior. On Memorial Day, “Basketball Wives LA” star Sundy Carter was busted for a DUI. Early Monday morning, around 1 a.m. PST, Carter was said…

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s’ Ariane Davis: Uncut

Written by Stereo Williams

Images by DeWayne Rogers

Makeup by Tierra Burrell

Ariane Davis may not have the notorious reputation of some other…

Demi Lovato Talks Niall Horan On X-Factor (VIDEO)

Demi Lovato got right the the point on the premiere of X-Factor. The singer, 19, relayed a message from Niall Horan to fellow judge, Simon Cowell. Niall, 18, knows Simon from when he and the rest…

Avril Lavigne Announced Engagement on Ex’s Birthday (VIDEO)

You didn’t think Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger‘s engagement announcement would go off without a little drama, did you? While the musical twosome are planning the ultimate Candian duet, Brody Jenner may be…

Celebs Who Started Out On Reality TV

Reality TV seems to be taking over small screens everywhere – especially lately! From the gang of The Jersey Shore to The Voice to Project Runway, there seems to be a number of reality shows for every single night of the week! But do people actually get successful off of these shows? (Check out Amypiehoneybunch’s… More »

The Things I Have Learned From Reality TV

Now that we’re almost one month into our New Year’s resolutions, it seems so long ago that we vowed to never eat another Taco Bell Beefy Crunch Burrito, and swore that excercise would be our TOP priority in 2012. While I am well aware that along with nacho cheese, perhaps the vice that has the… More »

Shock of the Day: America’s Next Top Model is Rigged

Here we all thought that America’s Next Top Model was following in the age-old tradition of fashion industry experts plucking a girl from damn near obscurity and making her into a super model, all on…

Jersey Shore Star Set to Make An Impact… In a Wrestling Ring?

No, we cannot yet start ignoring the Jersey Shore.  Because if we try, the stars will keep appearing in the most ridiculous places.

Like, say, a pro-wrestling ring.

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie will be…

The Evolution of Reality TV

Reality TV has taken a very long journey from humble beginnings in docu-series town all the way to the fire and brimestone vomit and sequin infested Jersey Shore. The genre has curved and changed into so many different things from celebrity, competition, dating and cakes all the way to whatever the Kardashians are. At this… More »

The Ultimate Guide to The Ultimate Reality TV Crazyface

The time has come for me to start documenting all of the hilarious faces and captions in the world of reality television. The pathos and drama of most shows can be summed up very quickly with a simple screen grab. If you become confused as to who is who you might want to refer to… More »

Child of the 90’s

In the spirit of 1990’s Nickelodeon shows being back on the air, here are a few random pictures of me from the glory days with my family. Check out how pretty my mom Jacqueline was! Speaking of my mom, have you guys taken my Who Is Your Favorite Housewife of New Jersey poll yet? You’re… More »

SYTYCD Dancers On Competition and Doing The Dougie (VIDEO)


Countess LuAnn’s New Music Video: “Chic C’est La Vie”

I must say, watching The Real Housewives of New York City is a guilty pleasure of mine (actually watching the Real Housewives in EVERY city), so I was delighted to see Countess…

Flow Chart: Proof That 99% of Reality TV Started With The Hills

I watch a ton of reality TV, and have realized that there is a LOT of crossover between shows. The Hills gives me Brody Jenner who appears on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Kim was on Dancing with Stars (you get the point). Enjoy this trip down TV memory lane, and let me know… More »

Announcing the America’s Next Top Model Academic Conference

So, apparently, a guy by the name of Dave Showalter (sadly, no relation to actor/comedian Michael Showalter) has managed to obtain funding for an academic conference at the University of Chicago.  No big deal, right?


Jersey Shore Season 4 To Go International

So, we’re still in the middle of Season 3 of MTV’s reality hit Jersey Shore, but already rumors are swirling about Season 4.  And the big one?

That the next season will actually be filmed…

As If The ‘Idol’ Contestants Weren’t Annoying Enough, Now We Have To Be Subjected To Their Famewhore Best Friends

American Idol bills itself as the chance of a lifetime for a generation of disaffected youth brainwashed into thinking their lives will have amounted to nothing unless they take part in something like this. But…

The Best Reality TV Laundry-Based Meltdown Since Joe Millionaire Stabbed Butler Paul In The Throat With A Fork For Not Handwashing His Favorite Wifebeater

We can think of no better way to start our day than by sharing this clip (via Reality Blurred) from last night’s Project Runway reunion show, in which hyperbolically self-regarding contestant and onetime softcore independent…

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