Jersey Shore Season 4 To Go International

So, we’re still in the middle of Season 3 of MTV’s reality hit Jersey Shore, but already rumors are swirling about Season 4. And the big one?

That the next season will actually be filmed IN ITALY.

Yep, that’s right. The entire cast would have the opportunity to be obnoxious in an entirely new country. TMZ is reporting that MTV is scouting locations overseas and show execs have already been hard at work getting visas for the cast members.

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And apparently, Vinny’s Italian relatives will be hosting the gang for a very special dinner. A dinner I’m sure will be completely drama free.

To give you an idea of how sick, twisted and inappropriate my mind is? This is the first image that came to mind when I heard this news:

All hail Pope Snooki I, religious leader and New York Times Best Selling Author.