Jersey Shore Star Set to Make An Impact… In a Wrestling Ring?

No, we cannot yet start ignoring the Jersey Shore. Because if we try, the stars will keep appearing in the most ridiculous places.

Like, say, a pro-wrestling ring.

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie will be appearing with Impact! Wrestling at a taping on October 26th, in an episode set to air in November. The announcement from Spike TV is kind of ambiguous, not really mentioning if Ronnie will be part of an in-ring skit or will actually be participating in a match.

BUT WAIT. Ronnie isn’t the first Shore-ite to appear in an Impact! ring. Both J-Woww AND Angelina have appeared for the federation previously, and Angelina actually “wrestled” in a six-woman tag match…alongside a wrestler by the name of “Cookie” who was a Jersey Shore parody.

AND YET. It gets WEIRDER. Because I’m willing to bet anyone who doesn’t really know wrestling is going “Wait, WTF is IMPACT?” Well, it was formerly known as TNA and has been in the past few years billed as an alternative to World Wrestling Entertainment…which USED to be the WWF.

And I’m hoping you’ve at least heard of the WWF, even if just in jokes. And their major event every year Wrestlemania.

Here’s where I’m going with this: this past year at Wrestlemania, SNOOKI got in the ring.


But really, let’s face it: in the end, The Jersey Shore and similar “reality” TV shows are about as real as pro-wrestling anyway. So it’s not THAT much of a stretch.