The Things You Learn Once You’re On The Path Towards Your Dreams

When your on the path to achieving your dreams, you learn a few things. Your eyes become more clearer once rejection becomes a word that frequents your vocabulary. That word rejection…has kind of a harsh sound to it. Sure, it can throw your life off track, but I kind of look at it as a blessing. I mean, everyone has a time when they hear that word more than others. When a big door opens, you should always take a step back and look back at all the doors that close. You truthfully start to see the path become less dusty. You understand why your path unfolded the way it did.

Last August, I was on an emotinal high. I got off a tour I used to dream of being a part of. I met some of my best friends and felt like I could take on the world. Once the magicalness wore off, I realized how hard it is to find a job similar yearly. In a perfect world I would be touring 24/7 and interviewing. That perfect world doesn’t exist. At some point, you have to grow up. When I got my current job, I was truthfully unsure of it. I thought I was meant to go back out on the road, but my path shifted. I took a step back and realized that I was suppose to be on this path. While I was in Nashville, I had the chance to catch up with some of the pals I made that Summer. We were all on the same path, growing up from touring and moving on to bigger and better things. We all had a little hesitation and truthfully wouldn’t admit how different this Summer was about to be for all of us. Your path will always shift, but never completly. We’re all in new careers that realte to what we love.. Music + Good People.

Some of you are searching for jobs and feeling like nothing. Rejection is your least favorite word.. Right behind NO Thanks. You have all the talent in the world and could never figure out why you never get the same chances as other. Dreams take time. Be patient and look everyday for something that makes you happy. Trust me, when you least expect it, the door will open. Don’t compare yourself to others. I used to be really bad at this, especially when it came to this very blog. Your path will shift multiple times, but as long as you trust it, things will come full circle. Before I got my current job I interviewed with Free People to run their blog (Gabbie might of actually cried), Cirque Du Soleil, and got asked to interview for a spot on a reality show. None of those worked out…. I can see why now. I was meant to be doing what I’m doing.

Am I the host of MTV yet? No, but I’m walking in the right direction. I still interview bands, maybe not as frequent as I like, but it’s enough to still keep me in the grasp of music. I currently get to hang out with a bunch of viners, youtubers, instagramers etc. It’s pretty cool, they teach me a lot everyday. So your homework tonight: Choose a small dream. Your small dream is something you can accomplish in under 3 years. Next, choose a big dream. This dream you can accomplish in 5 + years. This will keep your head from exploding.

Gabbie’s Small Dream: Get credentialed for more interviews!

Gabbie’s Big Dream: Become a host for MTV or Late Night

We’re halfway through 2014. Let’s start taking names and kicking some major booty! I really like comments, so leave your dreams below 🙂

Dream big, work hard, and surround yourself with people that make you better.



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