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Britney Spears Performs Piece Of Me, February 8

Britney is performing Saturday night in Las Vegas!

After a hot show on Tuesday, Brit pulled one over on us and debuted her brunette locks – sending…

Brunette Britney Spears Performs Piece Of Me, February 7

Britney performed Piece Of Me Friday night in Las Vegas!

Last night marked Brit’s second show this week.

Britney Spears Performs Piece Of Me, February 4

After a few days off, Brit’s back to work, bitch!

She worked the stage last Wednesday, Friday and

Britney Spears Performs Piece Of Me, February 1

Britney performed Piece of Me for the third time this week!

She kicked off her second leg on Wednesday, and followed up…

Hot Or Not: How Lady Gaga Does Couture

It’s hard for Lady Gaga to take it up a notch when it comes to her style, but that’s just what’s expected at Paris Couture Fashion Week!
 So, this is what…

My Top 10 Albums of 2013

I geeked out so much over 2013 music releases. I obsessed over a ton of new artists and the return of many iconic favorites. This gallery features albums that found their way into my life and were replayed over and over again. It wasn’t easy, but I narrowed it down to my top 10 (in… More »

Hot Or Not? Gaga’s Airport Chic

Between jetting off in a flying dress and entering the AMA’s on a horse made of…

Lady Gaga Has Been Looking SLIGHTLY Normal Lately

While out promoting her new album and gearing up to host SNL over the weekend, Lady Gaga has been wearing some day-time looks that won’t scare small children. She always maintains that Gaga flair of course but which is your favorite of her “toned down” ensembles?

Lady Gaga Shares a Hot Kiss at the YouTube Awards

Lady Gaga Shares a Hot Kiss at the YouTube Awards Lady Gaga puts split rumours to bed by putting on an amorous display with boyfriend Taylor Kinney at YouTube Awards

Let’s Talk Music: Lady Gaga’s ‘Do What You Want’ Feat R. Kelly

Lady Gaga has a new single off her upcoming album ARTPOP, “Do What You Want” available on iTunes. The 80s inspired dance track was produced by Paul “DJ White Shadow” Blair and features R&B singer R. Kelly. Sort of a cool direction for Gaga to go but it’s not nearly as catchy as her early… More »

Lady Gaga Keeps It Classy In ELLE Cover Shoot Photos

Mermaid bikinis, giant eggs, scaly skin, and wigs galore, we’ve seen Gaga do pretty much everything. I always find it refreshing when she plays it cool and keeps it natural. In…

Lady Gaga Changes 100 Times In ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Themed Performance

Being a person that truly never gets tired of Wizard Of Oz themed anything, Lady Gaga‘s Good Morning America performance had me real excited. Anything + ruby red slippers= a win.

Exclusive Interview With Kota Wade Of Girl Radical

Hey music pals,

I want to share an amazing talent with you named Kota Wade. She is 1 of 11 girls in this girl power filled group called…

Were The VMAs The Scariest Event Of The Year?

The 2013 Video Music Awards had a lot going on. There were high points and low points, we laughed, we cried. One thing nobody can say is that it was boring.

There were definitely some cringeworthy…

LIVE STREAM From The Red Carpet At The MTV VMAS

You can watch our Spinmedia live stream from the MTV VMAS red carpet below! See all the stars, what they are wearing and who they arrive with.

And be sure to tweet us, @BUZZNET

Who Is Miley Cyrus Sitting With At The 2013 MTV VMAs?

This Sunday’s MTV VMAs are hitting NYC and we have some behind the scenes photos of where all the stars are sitting! Who is Katy Perry sitting with? And who is the lucky man sitting…

Let Me See Your Grill: Girls Who’ve Gone Gold

Grillz… Not really something that one thinks of when contemplating fashion. The metallic mouth pieces were popular among rappers back in the mid 2000’s, and some ladies got in on the trend, mostly for novelty and laughs. However, we’re seeing a huge revival of the grill from the leading ladies of badass fashion and pop… More »

Lady Gaga causes a frenzy with her fans

Lady Gaga causes a frenzy with her fans at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood,

Lady Gaga Continues To Not Wear Clothes In V Magazine Spread

OMG! SHE’S NEKKID! JK, no shock here. All I can say is gurl looks damn good. For V Magazine‘s fall issue Lady Gaga is getting 4 covers! Gotta collect ’em all…

Lady Gaga Subscribes To The ‘No Pants, No Problem’ Lifestyle

At this point we find it weird if Gaga does wear clothes but this ensemble is on another level. The ARTPOP star wore this sheer jumper thingy out on Sunday night…

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