Were The VMAs The Scariest Event Of The Year?

The 2013 Video Music Awards had a lot going on. There were high points and low points, we laughed, we cried. One thing nobody can say is that it was boring.

There were definitely some cringeworthy moments, and some instances best watched through shielded eyes. The award show could probably be described as trippy. It was a little bit scary.

Describing the show as a nightmarish horror movie sounds harsh because it was entertaining! But there were definitely elements of scary movies that carried through the broadcast! From dancing teddy bears, to wacky costumes, it was sort of like a haunted fun house!

Take a look below and see if you agree…

– Miley Cyrus’ Exorcism-inspired performance

With her scary/sexy tongue face and sexually aggressive body language, you can’t deny that it had some Exorcism vibes!

Even her body-bending twerking looked like she was shakin’ out a little evil.

– Robin Thicke’s Beetlejuice suit

Pretty sure this was actually the look they were going for. And don’t get me wrong, Robin is still sexy, even dressed up like a ghoul from the 90s.

– Lady Gaga channelling The Shining

While her performance was actually less freaky than normal, Gaga did have Room 237 moment at the beginning!

– Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez as The Heathers

Selena and Taylor are actually very cute and sweet, and it was sort of endearing to see them have some real girl talk, but it’s a funny comparison nonetheless.

– Kanye West’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre moment

Ye’s performance of Strange Fruit was haunting and the song is powerful, so the image of his huge silhouette against an empty forest was fitting, but it definitely gave off vibes similair to all those “haunted woods” horror movies.

– Miley’s scary Demonic Toys-esque bears


– But in the end, Katy Perry made us feel like the good guys would win out

– And Justin Timberlake rescued us all with his band of heroes

What did you think about the VMAs? Did you love them? Hate them? Were you unsure of what was going on?

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