Britney Spears Performs Piece Of Me, February 1

Britney performed Piece of Me for the third time this week!

She kicked off her second leg on Wednesday, and followed up on Friday.

Britney before starting her show, tweeted:

“Tonight’s show is gonna be a good one, I can feel it. Who’s coming?”

And Gaga tweeted:

“On my way to in long blond hair, androgynous wear //

Britney posed with Gaga in the backstage and also with another guy before the show:

“Me and Brit Brit <3 // @britneyspears we had so much fun at your show!”

Britney wore the Work Bitch/Womanizer/3 wig for the whole show last night.

My question of today is:

Which performance is your favorite between ‘BOMT/Oops I Did It Again’ [HERE] and ‘Stronger/You Drive Me Crazy? [HERE]”

They are among the oldest hits she brought in Vegas, so since everybody heard so many times those songs, I would like to know which is your favorite performance between the two and why (because of the remixes, the scenography, the costumes, the choreography ect).

Let me know in the comment below 😉

Gaga also tweeted:

“And Britney’s dad gave us homeade BBQ, it was one of the best things I’ve ever eatin’ in my LIFE.”

Check the photos of the night: HERE

See ya on Tuesday 4th, 2014 😉