Exclusive Interview With Kota Wade Of Girl Radical

Hey music pals,

I want to share an amazing talent with you named Kota Wade. She is 1 of 11 girls in this girl power filled group called Girl Radical. You may have heard of them through the lovely JC Chasez, if not…ENJOY!

Check out our interview below!

For the readers who have never heard you or your music, describe yourself in 3 words!

KW: My music is definitely eclectic for one! I’ve always loved pop music, but have been in rock bands since I was 14, so obviously I also really love rock, mostly alternative rock. If you were to listen to my solo music, it would be spacey indie pop, but my music with my band is very different! We call it “faerie-rock” because it has a magical, almost gothic, feel to it! So in three words: eclectic, spacey, and rocking’!

How did you personally become a part of this girl power filled group, Girl Radical? How is it working with JC?

KW: I became a part of Girl Radical through a mutual friend and writing partner of JC and Jimmy’s. Her name is Danielle Brisebois and she actually cowrote Girl Radical’s first single, “Don’t Get Me Wrong”. She told me to meet with JC and Jimmy to discuss the possibility of working with Girl Radical, and once I heard their idea for the group, I was sold! I knew I had to be part of the group! Technically, my only “audition” was when Jimmy came to see my band perform! Working with both JC and Jimmy is amazing! They’re such cool guys that are really easy to work with and always make you feel at ease and comfortable. It’s always inspiring being in the studio with them!

How do you feel your group is going to stand out amongst other groups?

KW: I think Girl Radical will stand out within our genre because we really are VERY different from any other girl group. We have 11 strong members with 11 very different personalities. What other group can say that?! Each of us has different strengths and totally different backgrounds, but when we come together, we form an unstoppable force! We’re one giant family! As many girl groups that there are, I don’t think the world has ever seen anything quite like Girl Radical!

What is the writing and recording process typically like with 11 girls?

KW: The writing and recording process varies from song to song. JC and Jimmy usually show us a song they’ve been working on, and then we individually go and record the vocal parts, and then its up to JC and Jimmy to fit it all together like a puzzle! We usually don’t know who’s singing what until we hear the final mix of the song and go “Oh hey that’s me!”. Obviously with 11 girls, not every song will feature solos for all 11 of us, but we each have our moment to shine within the multiple songs we have recorded so far!

Who are some of your major influences?

KW: As a group, Girl Radical takes influence from groups like Spice Girls because of their strong individuality. As far as my own influences, I draw a lot of influence from strong females in the alternative world, such as Hayley Williams, Amy Lee, Bjork, Emilie Autumn, and Lady Gaga!

If you could put together your dream tour who else would be on it? Also, describe your your dream tour bus!

KW: I would be absolutely thrilled to tour with Lady Gaga!!! Just watching her performances ignites a fire in me and inspires me to keep growing and topping myself! The exterior of my dream tour bus would be pink and white stripes because I’ve always wanted to paint my room with big thick pink and white stripes! The front would have a giant pink bow, and fairy wings in the back! The inside would be of course all pink also!

What is one song you heard this year you wish you wrote?

KW: Hmmmm…I’m really picky with the music I listen to, I tend to only really listen to a few bands, but when I hear something on the radio that really catches my attention, I immediately connect with it. Two of my favorite songs that have recently come out are “Still Into You” by Paramore, solely for the lyrics and powerful melody (I loved it so much that I actually interpreted it my own way in a cover!) and “Applause” by Lady Gaga because I really connect with the lyrics of the song, being a performer myself!

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you about the music industry?

KW: The best advice that I’ve been given about the music industry is to never give up. I know it sounds cliche but it’s very true. You have to actively fight and push down every door you find. Nobody is going to hand you anything, you have to work hard and earn it! I’ve already been through a lot of heart ache in this industry but every door that closed in my face just made me hungrier for success!

What is your favorite song to perform and why?

KW: Anyone who has ever been to any of my shows with my band, Bad Wolf, will know that there’s always one song that we open our set with, and that’s “Once Upon A Dream” from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. It sounds like a random choice, but it’s one of my favorite songs in the world, so I took it and made my own version of it, making it even more haunting and fantasy-like. Other than that, I love performing songs that I can just let loose and rock out to! I love the songs that I get to head bang and jump around and belt at the top of my lungs! It’s how I release all of my pent up energy or stress! Music truly is therapy!

Besides Girl Radical, what else do you do?

KW: Besides Girl Radical I definitely keep busy! My life is mainly focused on music, though. I have another band, Bad Wolf, that I love to perform with and write music with. Bad Wolf is very different from Girl Radical so it’s fun to balance the two sides of myself! I’m also really into fashion and photography! I have a YouTube channel where I do wardrobe tutorials and fashion based videos, so that also keeps me busy! To relax though, I like to watch a lot of sci-fi shows like Doctor Who, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. and I love to read! I’m a nerd at heart!

Do you have any hidden talents people wouldn’t expect?

KW: A lot of people don’t know this but up until I was 15 I was actually a competitive figure skater. I quit to pursue music full time, but every once in a while I like to go to the rink and brush up on my moves!

Any last words for your fans and all of the Buzznet readers?

KW: Thank you for all of the support! Keep an eye on Girl Radical, our single will be released very soon! And also check out my other band Bad Wolf, we’re releasing a new music video soon! Check wearebadwolf.com for updates! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @KotaRadical!

What do you think of Kota and Girl Radical?!