Britney Spears Performs Piece Of Me, February 4

After a few days off, Brit’s back to work, bitch!

She worked the stage last Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Tonight, Britney’s performing #PieceOfMe in front of a full house inside the Axis theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Enjoy a few pics from Britney’s Piece Of Me show straight from the Queen herself.Britney shared a couple snaps from her recent Piece Of Me shows with fans Tuesday evening.


@iamwill Check you out!


“I loooove it but where is the rain? RT”@BritneySpears: Toxic“”

@AngelKrauze Camera didn’t catch it but it’s there!”

A little problem with the mic:

Britney chose to don’t wear any wig for this show.

After the huge drama came out around the web about Britney uses to perform better without wig, my question is:

“Do you prefer Britney wearing wigs during the show or not?”

Let me know your answer in the comments below 🙂

All the photos: HERE

See ya on Friday 7th, 2014!