Incite My Riots Chapter 4

“I can’t believe you forced me into this.” Josh grumbled as he tightened the skates around his ankles.

“Hey, you didn’t have to come and spend quality time with your girlfriend. But you know, you did, and plus you already paid for our skates. No turning back now.” I smiled as I took his hand.

“You promise not to laugh, right?” he asked me.

I assured him I wouldn’t, but his eyes were still weary.

Now I know why he didn’t want me to laugh.

He gripped my hand a little bit tighter everytime he took a step.

“See? It’s not that bad,” I told him.

His eyes were too focused on the ground to hear me.

I didn’t mind though.

All I cared about was that Josh was here. With me. And I was holding his hand. And he was holding mine.

“You know what? No. If I race you to the pizza stand and WIN, we get to leave. Deal?” he suggested.

I couldn’t resist that sparkle in his eye.

“Fine, but if I win, I get to video tape you on skates.” I smirked.

“Deal.” we shook hands in the most professional way possible, but ended up with a contest of who could cut off the circulation of each other’s hands first.

I lost.

“Ready,” he started.

“Set,” I continued.

“Go.” he finished.

I leapt ahead of him, only to run into another stranger.

I quickly apologized and scrambled back to my feet and saw Josh, at the pizza stand, smirking.

“Joshua Neil Farro! You lied to me!” I exclaimed as he danced around me. In his skates.

“I never lied. I was just modest. You should try it sometime.” he snickered.

Another slap to his arm by Hayley Williams.

This time he deserved it though.

“So when did you learn how to skate?” I asked him.

He let out a moan, recollecting the memory, “Mom made Zach and I and our sister take skating lessons when we were younger. Talk about torture. She said after we finished level four we could stop taking them. And I did. Zac didn’t however.”

Triumph spread across his face.

It was cute.

“And why did you not tell me this?” I asked as he twirled me around, catching me off balance.

“Because it’s embarrassing. Zac and I swore never to talk about it ever again. Plus the teacher would always hit my butt.” he blushed.

I burst out laughing.

“You promised me you wouldn’t laugh!” he chorted.

“You promised to tell me everything though.” I shot back.

“Touche.” he stated.

I agreed.

“So no more roller skating.” he said.

I let out a sigh, “Fine, no more roller skating.”

“That’s my girl,” he laughed, throwing his arm around me and we started our journey back to the bus.