Paramore Reveal Two Track Names; Taylor York Gets In On Photos

I like to start my week by gleaning information that makes me feel a millimeter closer to that new Paramore album, and this article published in the LA Times yesterday did just that. The band had mentioned in previous interviews (and in their LJ) that most of the songs have to do with friendship, as well as the tension that existed amongst the band members.

The Times names a new song, “Ignorance,” as “possibly the darkest and most precision-cut Paramore song” while letting on that a track called “Exception” is “a blown-out pastoral ballad (“When I was young, I saw my daddy cry and curse at the wind / he broke his own heart, I watched as he tried to reassemble it / I know you’re leaving in the morning, but leave me with some kind of proof it’s not a dream.”)

I’m giddy! Gimmie gimmie!

Such emotionally-revealing songs might make for tough interviews, but Paramore are as ready for it as they’ll ever be. Or willing to go for it, anyway says Hayley Williams, admitting that “It’s kind of embarrassing, because it is so much of me in these songs, but that’s what’s beautiful about it. I’m growing up.”

And what of the members who don’t aren’t in the lyrical drivers-seat?

“We were like, ‘Sweet, every song is going to be about us,’ ” Josh Farro said. “We don’t get to sing ‘Hayley is such a jerk.’ But it’s cool because we trust Hayley to make it broader than just about our band.”

Aw, and look at the adorably good-spirited photo that goes along with the article:

[credit: Lawrence K. Ho, Los Angeles Times]

Paramore’s summer jaunt with No Doubt and The Sounds starts in less than a week, get stoked!

ps. Do we think that the lyrics “you don’t deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you,” mentioned in the big ol’ abum update on LJ, comes from “Ignorance”? Seems fitting. Hmm.