Paramore Talk About The Butterfly

Holy LiveJournal catharsis, Batman! Hayley Williams made up for some lost time on the band’s official blog yesterday evening. She talked about MTV Unplugged, the upcoming music video shoot, how she’s going to pay her respects to MJ and more. She kind of really has me sold on picking up an actual physical copy of Brand New Eyes, to be honest.

ryan russell did such a good job with artwork – the whole booklet looks amazing and we really worked hard to make it exactly how we wanted. most of the shots for the album were taken in franklin and even in some of my rooms – and backyard! the whole thing feels very personal and i think it comes across that way. for the record, all of the lyrics will be in the booklet this time around. we realized after only putting 4 songs in the RIOT! booklet that we really want you to be able to read every word straight from us. so there aren’t any misinterpretations. every bit of these lyrics are so important to me as a writer and to us as a band, so you’ll have em as soon as you pick up the record and tear off the dumb plastic annoying wrapper.

In the comments of said blog entry, she explained the meaning of the Butterfly:

i found the butterfly in my moms driveway a while ago… dead and completely in tact. after writing the lyrics for “brick…” with the one line that says “the angles were all wrong, now she’s ripping wings off of butterflies”… the image we chose for this song was the butterfly i’d found. only we cut its wings off and pinned the butterfly with all its separate pieces in order on the fence in my backyard.

in hindsight, to me, it represents the fact that broken pieces… individual pieces can still make one big picture. doesn’t matter if they all have their own purpose as long as they stand together.

Cool, eh?

She also says that although they had a song called Brand New Eyes, “it wasn’t up to par with the others and not completed enough to make sense” to be on the disc.

Ignorance will be released as a single one mere week from today (July 7th)!