Josh Farro

Brand New Eyes Chapter 6

POV: Hayley "Sam sit down for a sec, I gotta tell ya something." She listen to me and sat down. "You two look…
xpmorex Jul 18, 2014

Search For Meaning ~ Chapter 3

I’ve been released from the hospital. They let me out yesterday when I whined nx and begged them to and when I told them I was…

The Evil Within Chapter 11

Wow it feels like it's been years since I've posted, I decided I owed you guys an update so here's one and sorry for the…

Brand New Eyes Chapter 4

decided to update early, thanks for the feedback on the prevoius chapters!  "What the hell are you doing here?" I spat, Jackie grinned and wiggled her…
xpmorex May 13, 2014

Williams, H. (Preview)

“Miss Williams, if you'd please pay attention instead of...” Mrs. Bitters paused to snatch the paper off of the dirty blonde's desk. “...drawing these horrific…
imightbreak May 09, 2014