Jelly Sandals: Do or Don’t?

When I was around the age of 6 years old, I distincltly remember having the most amazing pair of seafoam green, glittery jelly sandals. Man were they cool, but MAN were they painful. Does anyone else remember having these? They were the coolest. Even cooler than slap bracelets (and also not banned from school).

Recently, I’ve noticed those same amazing sandals I loved so much are actually available by a bunch of different brands, both high end and low end, classic and modernized. I managed to snag a great pair by Chinese Laundry last summer, but unfortunately because my foot is a weird shape/size, so they are too small and plastic doesnt stretch (ie: blisters galore). This summer, I found an awesome, glittery pair from American Apparel. Maybe I’ll get it when I’m not so broke if that ever happens.

Jelly sandals are undoubtedly more fashion than function, because your feet sweat like crazy on a hot summer day, however, you can wear them in the pool, or lake, or beach if you are so inclined to be a shoobie (is that how you spell it? Did anyone else love Rocket Power as much as me?).

What do you think? Do you like the resurgance of jelly sandals or do you think they should be left in 1996 where they gave us blisters on the playground?