No Flip Flops Here! Sandals You Should Be Rocking This Summer

Summer is creeping around the corner and it’s time to break out those sandals! It is crazy how many trends are coming back this year. I’ve seen so many jelly sandals it’s ridiculous. I also would have never thought I’d see the day were Birkenstocks are considered fashionable…but hey, I’m all for it! Take a… More »

Jelly Sandals: Do or Don’t?

When I was around the age of 6 years old, I distincltly remember having the most amazing pair of seafoam green, glittery jelly sandals. Man were they cool, but MAN were they painful. Does anyone else remember having these? They were the coolest. Even cooler than slap bracelets (and also not banned from school). Recently,… More »

OMG! Shoes.: My Summer Must-Haves

This summer’s all about chunky heels, wedges, leopard, glitter, bows and colorblocked styles. i’m in desperate need if a few new pairs to add to my summer wardrobe, but it’s so hard to choose! Check out Janet’s fave neon pieces for summer, too!

my spring wishlist!

kanye “stronger” sunglasses: givenchy eyeshadows: sephora tt barbie heart earrings: short-alls: american apparel slouchy crocheted hat: urban outfitters vest: urban outfitters menswear onesie: urban outfitters flattop sunglasses: urban outfitters le castle vania “ilybicd” shirt: so sweet records online store jessica louise “fun dress”: nars blush: sephora chanel nail polish: strappy flat… More »

FEET ” GLORIOUS ” FEET…….The inspiration for this journal was Seb’s photo of his best friend Hugo’s feet……….

How many of us just take our feet for granted, as long as they get us around and don’t hurt WELL TOO MUCH we don’t really think about them. Well only when it comes…

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