Get The Look Gals: Feat. Kellin Quinn

As some of you may know I made a post a while ago on band members and their fashion transformations over the years which you see HERE!

Everyone seemed to like that post so…

Jelly Sandals: Do or Don’t?

When I was around the age of 6 years old, I distincltly remember having the most amazing pair of seafoam green, glittery jelly sandals. Man were they cool, but MAN were they painful. Does anyone else remember having these? They were the coolest. Even cooler than slap bracelets (and also not banned from school). Recently,… More »

American Apparel Sheer Ombre Nail Polish

American Apparel recently launched a new sheer nail polish line to get the Ombre effect easily! I have to say this look is killer. I recently bought the polish in hopes of recreating this look and it is not as easy as you would think! There may be a litte false advertising going on here…. More »

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