Glittery Holiday Nail Art You Need Now

The holidays are undeniably crazy and in-between all the shopping, relatives, parties, food, and friends, small things like your nails can end up looking a little rough.  Fortunately nail art exists and if you can squeeze in time to get your tips tended to, the gallery above is full of glittery nail goodness to get you feeling… More »

Glitter Hair Is Everything For The Holidays

One of best things about the holidays is the excuse to wear more glitter than usual. From nails, to outfits, make up, and your boyfriend’s beard, it’s a fun, flirty, and funky way to kick up the cool factor of your holiday style. With Christmas around the corner and New Years Eve on the horizon, it’s kind… More »

Everything You Need To Throw The Perfect Party

When it comes to parties, you have to go all out…

The Best Dresses For New Years Eve

Sequin, glitter, and velvet are just a few of my favorite things. Normally considered tacky, New Years Eve is one of the only occasions that this is acceptable which is why i start shopping for my New Years dress months in advance! Check out some of my favorite New Years looks that are well worthy… More »

30 Magical Mermaid Nail Ideas

Hi babies! When I feel like the world is spinning out of control, I just do my nails. I pretty much always have cute nails cause life is pretty much always a chaos, lol. I’m sure you’ve noticed my recent mermaid madness so for this DIY tuesday I wanted to share with you some of… More »

Ring In The New Year With These 42 Glitter Nail Designs

Glitter never fails for that perfect nail on New Years Eve. Glitter is one of my fave go to nail designs because it’s so simple but still so attention grabbing. It’s the perfect way to keep things classy and super easy to match to any outfit. I’m thinking of doing a mix of silver and… More »

NYE Party Hair Inspiration

It’s the best season of the year, the holiday season. All the parties have begun and eveyrthing seems just a little more glittery! i am, of course, really looking forward to New Year’s Eve because 2013 was so epic, I can only imagine what 2014 will hold for all of us! One of the funnest… More »

WATCH: Chelsea Lankes ‘Ghost’ Unplugged

HAPPY HALLOWEEN you guys!!!!!! I’ve probably said this a thousand times this week, but Halloween is seriously one of my favorite holidays of the whole year! I just love…

DIY: Glitter Candle Holders!

I came across this gorgeous, super easy to make glitter candle holder DIY idea on Pinterest and couldn’t help but make some for the BubbleGoth HQ. I used cheap candle holders from Ross, but you can glitter anything – from mason jars to little votive candle holders to picture frames. What you need: – Mod… More »

World’s Most Amazing Beds

Did you know we spend more than 1/3 of our life sleeping? If you’re like me and believe that your spirit travels around while you sleep, then we may as well say that our beds are portals of sorts. Besides it just being one of the places we spend more time in than any other… More »

DIY: My Little Pony Wings

Good wings are so hard to find! So I wanted to show you guys how to make your own. Not only are they one of a kind but you can make them as elaborate as you want without breaking the bank. The ones I made are inspired by My Little Pony and come dolled out… More »

Jelly Sandals: Do or Don’t?

When I was around the age of 6 years old, I distincltly remember having the most amazing pair of seafoam green, glittery jelly sandals. Man were they cool, but MAN were they painful. Does anyone else remember having these? They were the coolest. Even cooler than slap bracelets (and also not banned from school). Recently,… More »

The Cutest Guitar I Have Ever Seen

So I’ve had this huge problem in my life as a guitar player who – I admit – really views my guiar as a stage accessory. Regular guitars just aren’t cute enough. Like sure, I could get an awesome sounding guitar in any color I want for way outside of my price range because the… More »

Kicking Ass: Lazy Oaf x Kickers New Lookbook

Lazy Oaf never fails to come out with the best lookbooks ever, and this Lazy Oaf x Kickers collaboration is no exception. Lazy Oaf is seriously one the coolest fashion labels and I’ve been obsessed for years. You combine it with Kickers, and you get the funkiest shoes of all time. I’m in love. Gemma… More »

Fashion Inspiration: Glittery Holiday Make-up

On the 8th day of KELT-MAS I gave to you….so really pretty make-up inspiration for all the holiday parties that you are attending and want to look firece at….Today I announced the winner of my Sugar + Bruno giveaway on my instagram + also am getting ready for the next giveaway this week! But, for… More »

Behind The Scenes Of Magical Editorial

I had the most amazing editorial shoot the other day and can not wait for the photos to be released! Butterfly’s, glitter, snow, pony hair, fairy clothing… Everything anyone could dream of.

Nail Art: Get Your Glitter On

As you guys know, I love getting my nails done and I love looking for fun new nail art ideas! I have gotten glitter nails before and they are so much fun! I found a bunch of really cute designs that all incorporate glitter, check them out and comment on YOUR favorite!

Jessi Jae Joplin’s Personal Favorite: Barbierawk Shoes!

I would like to introduce you to my NEW favorite pair of shoes – the Alice Stomper boot – by Barbierawk.  If Alice and Courtney Love had a…

Planet Blues New Look Book Makes My Little Pony Envious

This new Planet Blue lookbook is so amazing on so many levels. If this doesnt want to make you stock up on all things mexican blanket print… then I don’t know what will! Feeling like I want to bust out the purple dye, glitter, crimping iron and run for the hills… no, but seriously.

☆ Jessi Jae Joplin’s Weekly Nail Art: Pizza, Glitter & Glow in the Dark ☆

Last night I got my nails done by the lovely Destinee Handly. She initially contacted me because she knows I often like to take risks with my fashion. Lo…

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