If Sandra Bullock’s Son Wears One More Cute Costume I Will D-I-E

Thank you nation of the Philippines for defining that feeling I often get, which in most places would be considered punishable by law. Gigil (Ghee-gill) – The urge to pinch or squeeze something that is unbearably cute.

Pinch or squeeze doesn’t even sum up what I want to do to this little smooshy pirate baby!! Like, are you actually kidding me with these pics? Sandra Bullock‘s bebe is just too much for me. Below you will see his many day-to-day costume choices, ONLY ONE OF WHICH WAS ON HALLOWEEN.

And his most recent foray into space with this NASA approved number, helmet and all!

If you find yourself currently gripping your chair arm abnormally hard, maybe go watch some puppy vids and hug a plushy teddy bear.

This should do: