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Fall Out Boy Save Rock & Roll Tour Anaheim

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Fall Out Boy’s Sold Out show at the Honda Center Arena in Anaheim & snap some photos for Buzznet. I’ve been able to see the band perform a few times this year, from a 300 capacity room at The Roxy, mid sized venue at The Wiltern, to… More »

Fall Out Boy Live At KROQ’s Red Bull Sound Space

Today my fellow music lover Sara Scoggins & I headed to partake in a very intimate Fall Out Boy show at the Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ’s studios. I felt incredibly lucky to see the band play to a group of only 200 people with a front row spot to see all the interaction… More »

The Evolution Of Fall Out Boy Drummer Andy Hurley

We’d like to give a big Buzznet hug & special Happy Birthday to our favorite drummer, Andrew Hurley from Fall Out Boy. Thank’s Andy for saving Rock & Roll, always being true to yourself, sharing comic books we must read and giving us tips to stay healthy. To celebrate we thought we’d take a trip… More »

Youtube Evolution Of: Fall Out Boy

WOOHOO we made it through another week and now we get to enjoy FRIDAY!

As you may know by now, this calls for a Youtube Evolution and this week’s is on FALL…

The Most Ridiculous Things About Fall Out Boy’s “The Phoenix” Video

Let me guide you though what I think are the most ridiculous things about the new Fall Out Boy video. And by ridiculous, I totally mean awesome and crazy.

Fall Out Boy Gets FUCT In The Hall of Fame

Previously, with the help of Patrick Stump, we were told that the most recent Fall Out Boy news was that there WAS no Fall Out Boy news.

However, that has changed.  Slightly.  No, don’t get…

Fall Out Boy: Two Years On From The “H-Word”

For many British popular-rock fans, Kerrang! magazine is an enjoyable weekly read but two years ago, there was one issue that didn’t exactly put smiles on everyone’s faces.…

Why The Third FBR Anniversary Headliner Will NOT be Fall Out Boy.

As Cobra Starship were announced to join Paramore for the Fueled By Ramen birthday celebrations, many rejoiced but an equal amount sighed at the fact that it wasn’t FOB but let’s face…

Long Live the Car Crash Hearts

Ever since Fall Out Boy announced they were “taking a break,” there’s been speculation from fans about what exactly that MEANT.  The word “hiatus” was shunned by the band, but they

New Fall Out Boy Song “Alpha Dog” Streaming Online!

Hey gang!  As you probably know, Fall Out Boy is treating us to a “Greatest Hits” album before they take their much needed break.

The CD,

Pete Wentz: “The World Needs a Break From Fall Out Boy”

There’s been much fret and worry over the status of Fall Out Boy since Pete Wentz told MTV the band was planning to take a little break after their

Patrick Stump is Done with Blogging

Patrick Stump has long been the most elusive member of Fall Out Boy when it comes to social media.  While Pete Wentz has been a fixture on message

Share Your Fanart and Win a Signed Copy of Fall Out Toy Works #1

Inspiration comes from the strangest places.  A random word or phrase, a flash of color, a photograph, even a song.  And in fact,  the song “Tiffany Blews” is exactly what inspired Pete Wentz and the

Allow Me to Pre-Emptively Mock You

So, Fall Out Boy announced to MTV today that, after the end of their tour with Blink-182, they are going on an indefinate hiatus.

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Pete Wentz Posts the “Director’s Cut” of the What a Catch, Donnie Video

It seems like something like this happens every time Fall Out Boy puts out a video these days.  They approve an edit, and their label chooses to release another one.  In the

Fall Out Boy’s Video For “What a Catch, Donnie,” Debuts on!

So, we’ve seen the preview shots, heard behind the scenes stories and waited for what we hoped would be a legen…

…wait for it…

…dary video.  But now the day is finally here: the

Fall Out Boy Tour Update, Starring Bronx Wentz

Last night Fall Out Boy posted some behind-the-scenes footage of the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour on friendsorenemies. Do you have to be enticed to watch it? Maybe this will help: [cut=Cuteness ahead…]


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Best In Tweets: Sisky Joins, Iero Spits Sarcasm

I can’t confine the best tweets to just one person a week. I just can’t. So I’m gonna post my favorites from your favorite twitterers.

First, Adam Siska from The Academy Is…has boarded the Twitter-wagon.…

look who i found

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Best In Tweets: Pete Wentz

Not to completely rip off Absolutepunk (who did an awesome feature about “scene” twitterers worth following, btw), but so much of my life lately consists of watching Pete Wentz and Mark Hoppus

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