Thought Blog: The Quality Of Life

Hey Buzzies!

I have really loved doing these thought blogs, it is kinda my way of talking about important and deep things on here in a way that we can all relate, interact and be inspired! I am really excited to share this video with you all that I came across, it really got me thinking about the quality of life.

Please watch this whole video it WILL change your mood, day and hopefully how you see life.

After watching this video that brought tears to my eyes and filled me inspiration and hope, I really started thinking about MY life and My “issues”. I mean after seeing Shane live his life with many physical limitations yet having no anger or regret made me realize that life really is all about perspective!

“There are parts of everyone’s life that truly just blow, and it’s about how you react to that that defines the quality of your life.” -Shane

I of course am not saying life isn’t hard and that it isn’t acceptable to be mad at the world somedays and cry your eyes out, I am just saying that we should all step back and REALLLY look at all the amazing things we have.

My gram once told me that “If you can place two feet on the ground on your own in the morning you are already more blessed than some people.” She is so right, there is always going to be someone better off than you in ways and some that are less fortunate. All we can do is just focus on our own blessings and give back to those who need it! In the end if you are alive, what more can you ask for?

So lets just all cheers to moving forward and accepting all the greatness that is to come and really open our eyes to the beauty of life that surrounds us every single day!!

What are the things about your life that you love the most?