Youtube Evolution Of: Artist Vs Poet


Helloo Buzzies, I hope you had an amazing week! I wanted to do this week’s Youtube Evolution on a band that you may know called Artist Vs Poet! I have known of this…

According To Courtney Love Frances Bean Almost Played Bella Swan In Twilight

What if…Kristen Stewart never played Bella Swan? In a butterfly effect alternate universe Frances Bean Cobain could have played that wonderfully rich…

Miley Cyrus & Snoop Lion Premiere ‘Ashtrays And Heartbreaks’ Music Video

My girl Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dogg, oh excuse me, Snoop Lion, released the music video for their collab song “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks,” Thursday Morning. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from…

Thought Blog: The Quality Of Life

Hey Buzzies!

I have really loved doing these thought blogs, it is kinda my way of talking about important and deep things on here…

Anna Kendrick’s Awesome New Version Of ‘Cups’ Song From ‘Pitch Perfect’

For those of you who saw the flick Pitch Perfect I think you’ll enjoy this remix of Anna Kendrick’s “Cups”I had no idea Anna Kendrick could actually sing before I saw the movie and I thought…

Katy Perry vs. Selena Gomez: “That’s More Like It”

As some of you may or may not know, Katy Perry has written and sung background vocals on some of your favorite tracks by ex-Disney starlets…

Britney Spears – Circus [Scaretale 2012 Version] Music Video [1st Anniversary]

Hey guys, finally this video is done!
I know it’s such a long time I don’t upload a video and I’m so sorry for that but I had tons of stuff to do…

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears ‘Money, Love & Happiness’ Demo Finally Leaked!

“Original Doll” producer Michelle Bell leaked the full version of “Money Love & Happiness,” but it was an uphill battle. Team Britney asked her to stop after this.

She posted the song and this message on…

Kelly Clarkson Covers “Till The World Ends”

Kelly Clarkson performed Till The World Ends at her concert tonight at the Nokia Theater in L.A.! Check out this exclusive and original cover version, I simply love it. And you?

Britney Spears – Circus [Scaretale 2012 Version] PREVIEW

Ok guys, after a month I’m here again, this is just a preview of my upcoming new video.I wanna realize a really special Circus music video with some of the best performances on this song during her Circus tour and also with clips from her Circus official music video, backstage and behind the scenes. This… More »

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears Alternative Gimme More Video

Finally, after 4 years, we have another Gimme More music video version, where you can admire Britney walks around the street and stays in a room thinking about a plan… this video hasn’t a complete…

“He About To Lose Me” Ballad Remix

Now that “He About To Lose Me” is permanently cut from the Femme Fatale Tour, I hope this song come back soon in the setlist of the tour, because it’s simply fantastic and the performance was gorgeous. Check out this awesome “He About To Lose Me” ballad remix made by a BreatheHeavy member, there’s also… More »

Britney Spears is “Burning Up”

A better and whole version of Britney’s cover about 80s Madonna “Burning Up”. Rumors say it could be includes in the setlist of the tour.

New Single from “What Lies Beneath” coming soon!

We are glad to announce that the new single from Tarja, “Underneath”, will be released on April 22nd, 2011. The 3 songs single will be released only in digital version. The release has been confirmed for Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, France and UK. It includes 2 unreleased versions of the beautiful ballad… More »

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