Exclusive: My2K Tour Stars Share Band Rituals Before Hitting The Stage

Once the My2K Tour was announced, our little middle school hearts fangirled for days! Featuring 98 Degrees, Dream, O-Town and Ryan Cabrera, it’s going to feel like the early 2000’s all over again this summer as all four acts visit a city near you and their slogan of “I know what you’re doing this summer”… More »

7 Instances When The Remix Was Better Than The Original

Remixes can either be a hit or miss. Whether you love a good dance mix or a collaborative effort between music hottest artists, remixes are a celebration of your favorite tracks. However, no matter how good the originals are, sometimes the remix takes the cake. Here are 7 instances when the remix topped the original… More »

Where Are They Now? Girl Groups of the Early 2000’s

If you grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, you were probably obsessed with pop music and all of the boybands that came with that time. Girl groups, however, were a huge part of my musical world growing up. From Dream to All Saints, girl groups brought the sass to class. (Was that lame…. More »

Ashlee Holmes: 1 Month at MUD (recap)

Hey you guys! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram ( @ashleeholmes ) , You probably know that I am currently a student at the Make Up Designory. I am currently enrolled in the Multimedia program at the school. I’ll be learning beauty makeup, hair styling, character makeup, and special effects. I am beyond… More »

Falling In Love With The Band: Leagues

Hey ya’ll! I found this rad band I wanted to show you guys. They’re called Leagues. I’ve had their song “Spotlight” on repeat all day! This video is actually really cool because not only do…

Thought Blog: The Quality Of Life

Hey Buzzies!

I have really loved doing these thought blogs, it is kinda my way of talking about important and deep things on here…

Hear It First: Andrew Bisante Releases New Song “Falling Down”

Hey Music Lovers,

A while back I did a post on a good friend of mine named Andrew Bisante which you can see

DUB Show LA: Feat. Big Sean, Tyga, Kid Ink And Clyde Carson

Anyone else a fan of concerts and lots of amazing cars? Well if so, you will be excited about this post and gallery. I went to the DUB Show yesterday with my friend Maddie. We are both in love with cars of all kinds and these cars were done up to the extreme, one even… More »

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE: Spice Girls Inspired Shoot feat. Jessi Jae Joplin

This past weekend, my dreams came true. My very best friends and I got together and did a Spice Girls inspired photoshoot. This has been a dream/idea of mine for quite some time now, and I was so happy to finally make that dream a reality. The whole spread was shot by the talented David… More »

Want Your Dreams To Come True? Use a Dream Board!

I’m almost positive that at least 80% of human beings have had dreams and goals, some bigger and some smaller, that they would like to accomplish in their lives. But sadly, sometimes people…

Crew Love: Feat. Every Avenue And Fueled By Ramen’s Kyle Harland

Hey Guys, It has been a while but here it is for round 5, another crew love! This one is featuring a very good friend of mine Kyle Hartland. This guy has been on the road for years so I am sure you have seen him either in NJ at lovcal shows, on tour with… More »

Matt Toka Makes Dreams Come True On Warped Tour

Every music fan has the dream of being pulled on stage to sing with their favorite musician. For me when Paramore pulls a fan on stage for “Misery Business” my heart always stops;…

The World Dreams of Ryan Gosling

This Saturday is Ryan Gosling‘s birthday!! You know what that means, right? We have to talk about him all day every day until the end of the week.…

Question of the Day: What Did You Dream About Last Night?

I am lazy today so I am just going to give you the Question of the Day sans a story. Don’t hate me. BTW, isn’t this photo pretty? <a…

Oct 3rd, 2011 – Britney Live In Zurich, CH // A Dream Came True… Literally

Hello guys,

finally I come back home and I can tell you everything about those last special days, if someone of you already don’t know where I’ve been, well, I was in…

Ready To Go!

So, almost everything is ready for tomorrow.

I really can’t wait! I’m counting the hours, tomorrow at 6:30am I take the train for Milan and then I have another one to take for Zurich,…

A Wish I Would Realize…

Today I recieved a new postcard from my sweet friend Celine, she was in Disneyland and I’m so happy to have this postcard, because I really love that place and she wrote me I have to go there too with her one day, I really hope so! Because it’s always been my dream, since I… More »

What means the dream of tonight?

Everyone of us every night dream something: sometimes we remember exactly what we dreamt and sometimes not, sometimes we had nightmares and sometimes we didn’t know what mean our…

Dreaming of a Dream in a Dream

We all dream, and we are all mesmerized by our dreams and the dreams of others. I believe thats what makes them so interesting, because we create a world…

One with Nature // Catching a Dream

It’s almost April, which means the hippie in me is coming out in full force… I am inspired by nature and all its wonders, and think we should all bring it…

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