Artist Spotlight: Mark Diamond

Mark Diamond is a new artist I think our pop music lovers will be infatuated with. Mark is on the brink of his career making original music that will make you dance while inspiring. Take a listen to his new song “Fade To Black.” He sounds like a cross between Matthew Koma and Coldplay.

I have a feeling this song will be everywhere this summer.

I also got to know Mark a little bit in this new Q&A. He shares his love of creating music, what his goals are as a musician and who the most important people are in his life.

You have been involved with music since you were little and already played to an audience at 12, when did you realize you had the talent to peruse music as a career?

I think one day it just hit me that the only constant througout my life, other than family, was having a guitar in my hand and singing. It must have been my first performance that day at age 12 where I realized I wanted to do something big. It sounds cliche, and i’m definitely no better then anyone else, but i’ve always had this feeling that I was going to do something different, something big, and I found out later on that it was music. I’ve played so many sports, and have done so many hobbies. Music has always been there since I was little, I would be a fool to let it go.

What are some of the artist as a child you remember listening to by request?

Growing up I listened to a lot of The Beatles, Tom Petty and Hootie and The Blowfish. Mostly because thats what my dad would be playing, but I loved it. As I got older I started to fall in love with Coldplay. Chris Martin‘s style of writing is amazing and he is just such a humble guy. He’s definitely been a big influence on me.

How do you stay inspired to write music and how do you combat writers block?

There is always something for us to complain about, or be sad about. Instead of sitting around and complaining, i’ve learned to take out all of that energy and put it into writing. The best part is listening to the song once its finished, it becomes a therapy for me and before I know it, i’m finding the answers to my questions from my own lyrics. Writers block only occurs when you haven’t been living enough. I’ve learned the best way to deal with writers block is to get out more, be adventurous, be spontaneous, make mistakes, fall in love, get your heart broken and learn from every second of it. Now that will give you something to write about.

Any other artist talents outside of music?

I love taking pictures. It’s something that is always a second go-to if I don’t have a piano or guitar next to me. When something is bothering me, the only way to for me to stay calm and be able to think straight, is by playing music or taking pictures. It’s very similar to music in the sense that it’s very unique material. Nobody could ever take the EXACT picture twice, or write the EXACT same song twice. I love it.

You said your goals is, “to show people that they too have the potential to become who they’re always wanted to become.” How are you doing that through your music?

One of the most difficult things for me is seeing someone give up on their dreams because it seems to far away. I’ve watched close friends give up too many times. I read a quote once that explains my thoughts on reaching your highest potential and chasing your dream.”Success is living a few years of your life like most people wont, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” This quote has had a huge impact on my life. I want to show people that they can become the best version of themselves if they just give it a chance, and work their ass off.

Any peers you would want to collaborate with?

I would love to work with Chris Martin. Writing with him would be an amazing experience. Also, Machine Gun Kelly would be awesome to work with. Completely different style than me, but that guy is extremely respectable and works hard. He’s different then most rappers out there. Working with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis would be cool as well.

How do you spend your time when you are not working on music?

I’ve been in the studio for almost a year straight now. When i’m not writing or recording, i’m usually walking around this small lake in my home town called Lake Wilderness, thinking about my life, trying to find new ways to stay focused. I spend a lot of time alone, I feel like thats a vital part to success, learning to be happy with just you. Going to parties is super distracting for me in this stage of my life so i’ve kind of trained myself to stay focused. Chasing after a dream of this caliber isn’t a cakewalk, it takes a lot of sacrifices. I’ve pushed away a lot of people (girls especially) to chase after this, but I know this journey will be worth it.

And finally, how is that “best uncle of the year trophy” goal coming along?

Haha I’m feeling pretty good about it this year, I think i’ll walk away with the trophy. Being an uncle is one of the coolest things to me, having a little guy running around that I get to watch grow up and help with avoiding mistakes that i’ve made. I promised him a few months back i’d buy him a car when he’s older, he’s only 17 months old but I don’t plan on letting him down.

What do you think of Mark’s music?

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