10 Commandments for 2015

I know this post comes entirely too late as everyone is already rocking and rolling in 2015 but I haven’t really taken the time to make resolutions so I’m doing it now. Here are 10…

Create Something

When you have a couple of days where you just don’t wanna get outta bed. Not really hungry, getting through a workout at gym is a task. Another sunny day feels monotonous. Call a few…

It’s Ok To Be Alone On The Holidays!

The other day a pal posted about this video and it really touched me and spoke to me I guess you can say.

The delivery of the message and all of the words were so powerful…

Forget the Haters Because Somebody Loves You

When listening to Miley Cyruses new song ‘We Can’t Stop’, some of the lyrics really stuck out to me in a positive way. One lyric in particular that I couldn’t stop…

Thought Blog: The Quality Of Life

Hey Buzzies!

I have really loved doing these thought blogs, it is kinda my way of talking about important and deep things on here…

Keltie Colleen’s TWLOHA “Story Of” Video

Wow. where can I begin?

Well, I cannot. So many emotions about this, so many more stories to tell, but for the first time, here I am being really honest about my own struggles…

My Most Favorite Book Quotes

I have two kindles and a “to read’ list that is super long. I’ve put together some of my favorite book quotes ever. I know we always talk about books and quotes, and I just thought these were super beautiful and wonderful. Which one is your favorite? ps. make sure to go to my facebook… More »

Volume Three: Tape This To Your Fridge

Oh man. I know there’s love/hate but I love Pinterest. I LOVE IT! I cannot stop pinning and looking through pins. It’s like all of my dream boards are in one place. I love it. I’m realizing this week that I cannot take over the world all at once, and that in order to have… More »

15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy!

Here is a list of 15 things which, if you give up , will make your life a lot easier and much, much happier. We hold on to so many things that cause…

Open The Gates, There’s A Flood Of Emotion

Wow. The only word that can encompass what has happened the past days. 

Rejection. Love. Passion. Anger. Old memories. Dejavu. Hurt. Happy. New walls. New secrets. Old stories. Past times. 

I have…

What I learned this weekend.

Each month I try to sit down and write some short term goals to try and accomplish in this 30 day period.

Making rent is always number one. ha. but besides worrying about finances, which is…

Thoughtful Thursday: SPEND WISELY $$

Imagine that you had won the following prize in a contest: 


However, this prize has…

Quote of the day. – December 5, 2011

Think defeat and you are bound to feel defeated. But, practice thinking confident thoughts, and you will develop such a strong sense of capacity that regardless of what difficulties arise you will be able to overcome them. So if you try living one day without any unhealthy thoughts, it may be very difficult, but try… More »

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