my own crazy careers

so the crazy careers series has been so much fun to shoot. i’ve interviewed some of the coolest people with the most interesting jobs and figured it was about time for me to share some of the jobs i’ve had.

you guys might remember…it wasn’t that long ago…i worked at american apparel. that job was totally fun because i got to dress in crazy outfits and listen to great music all day (what more can you ask for?). when i was younger i also spent a couple of summers in martha’s vineyard where i worked two different jobs. one was at the flying horses carousel…i rode that thing like 50 times a day haha. you should check it out it’s pretty famous…

i also worked at a popular restaurant called neptune’s grill. that job was ok but I don’t think I want to work a restaurant again. I love food…not serving it. ha

more recently i worked as a personal assistant to a major hollywood executive and as you all know, i’ve had some modeling gigs…i knew i wanted to be a model basically since 6th grade and fortunately my height hasn’t stopped me yet!

i’ve also made appearances on tv shows like paris hiltons “inner circle” and i’ve done some work in music videos. I was featured in hit the lights’ music video for “drop the girl” and the “summer hair = forever young” video for by the academy is. both were fun to shoot…i love being on sets. there’s nothing more exciting than shooting a video and seeing it come to life.

and then of course i blog…even though its a hobby that i love and not a job…i work hard on it everyday and also do alot of interviews with buzznet.

that’s pretty much it so far…not bad for a 21 year old. what do you think?

whats been your favorite job that you’ve done so far?

i’ll be posting my next interview with jamie from japan la on friday.

and if you missed any of the other crazy career interviews…check em’ out.