Join Me For Sims Saturdays!

For those of you who love video games as much as I do- join me every Saturday over the next couple of months to play The Sims 3! I am banishing boring Saturday mornings &amp…

my own crazy careers

so the crazy careers series has been so much fun to shoot.  i’ve interviewed some of the coolest people with the most interesting jobs and figured it was about time for me to share some of…

Crazy Careers Part 2 – Nick Simmons

As you guys know, I’m interviewing a bunch of people who I think have the coolest jobs. This week I sat down with my friend Nick… he’s always got a lot going on. He’s an actor, a musician and a comic book writer. I don’t know how he finds the time for everything but he’s… More »

Top 5 Sims Music Videos

I’m not much of a gamer and I have the attention span of a gnat, but it always trips me out that people spend time creating music videos with Sims. Here are some of the…

Wednesday Buzz 6/6

NY Post talks about Crush Music Management.

Justin Timberlake signs some chick on YouTube. (IBBB)

Viva George O’ Malley! (seriouslyomg)

Gisele speaks! And she has some words for the Pope… (IntoGossip)
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