Hanna Beth Exclusive Interview for The Fabulous Stains

My brand, The Fabulous Stains, recently interviewed model, blogger, designer style icon, fellow Buzzmaker and friend, Hanna Beth, to share what’s inspiring her right now and divulge the secrets of her coveted closet space! We caught up with her in New York City to take some sweet photos with Natalie Fong (shot appropriately in the… More »

My Fall/ Winter Obsession: Flannels

Ok SO…it is getting chilly for everyone. Well…not TOO chilly here in LA BUT it still gets cold at night! I am from the East Coast and one of my essentials for surviving the frigid weather without looking like a total blob was LAYERS! You had to find a way to stay warm yet look… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: A New York Diary By Katelynne Quinn & Youthquaker!

We have some exciting news for you! Katelynne Quinn has shared an amazing New York Photo Diary that she shot recently for all of you Buzzneters to see first! All of these incredible and beautiful photos were photographed by Alisha Jackson. “Give me such shows- Give me the streets of Manhattan!” Be sure to keep… More »

Katy Perry Performs ‘Unconditionally’ At The MTV EMAs!

Katy Perry must be loving life because she is soaring on cloud 9…literally. Althought she never seems to let me down, Katy…

The Boys In Close To Home Need YOUR Help!

Hey buds, 

My very good friends in Close To Home let me know they made IndieGoGo account to help raise money for their upcoming acoustic EP. They appreciate all the help and support they…

Rob Zombie Scared Us Half To Death!

So last night was terrifying. Myself and some pals went to Rob Zombie‘s Haunted House and we were impressed. Of course these haunted houses were intense becaue I mean..well it’s Rob Zombie! It was a mix between terrifyig horror and comedic pervy fun. Basically a real life version of all of his movies. I took… More »

Celebrities Rocking Their Favorite Band Tees

If you are a fan of music you know that one of the best thing to do is rep your fave band! The best way to do that is by buying band merch! Sometimes you even want to rock a vintage to show love for a band from the past. These stylish celebs are showing… More »

Must-Have Sneakers For Fall

Ladies and gents, 

I am so excited to start shopping for Fall. I am from the East Coast so I always get excited for the rare occasion that I can wear layers here in LA!

Fall to…

Falling In Love With: Jesse McCartney’s Lyric Video For ‘Back Together’

 Today is “Hump Day”, the day that it rained in LA AND the day that Jesse McCartney released his lyric video for “Back Together” AKA THE BEST…

Our Last Night Covers Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’

Happy Wednesday…I am about to take your day from a 5 to a solid 10.

Photo Recap: Jessi Jae Joplin Attends WWD Magic!

Hi guys! Although I’ve had such a busy/exciting summer…I wanted to take this moment to share an amazing fashion adventure I embarked on! Well, I recently traveled to Las Vegas to serve as an official blogger for WWDMagic Convention…and I must say, I had an incredible time! It was so amazing to once again be… More »

Youtube Evolution Of: William Beckett

Hey all, 

It’s been a little bit since I did a Youtube Evolution on here BUT I am really pumped on this one! This evolution is on our lovely and talented Buzzmaker; William Beckett!

Jessi Jae Joplin Attends Nylon Magazine Young Hollywood Party

A couple nights ago I attended Nylon Magazine’s Young Hollywood Party hosted by the lovely and talented Chloe Grace Moretz. It was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood…and it was such a blast! I was so happy because several of my fellow Buzzmate‘s were there (Lola Blanc, Ashlee Holmes, Hannabeth, Mynxi White and Keltie… More »

Photos From The NYLON Young Hollywood Party

It’s true. I actually left my house last night. I wanted to have a little fun so I headed to the Nylon Mag Young Hollywood party last night. I ran into SO many of the people I love the most! Alex Deleon, Austin Carlile, Debby Ryan, Jeremy Fall, Stefanie Scott, Brandi Cyrus, Nikkia lee, Katelyn… More »

Buzznet Breakdown April 21

It’s that time of the week again, Buzznet Breakdown! Here we show you our top ten posts of the week. We share our fave posts that made us LOL, new music we love, fashion and…

Current Obsession: Black Milk Clothing

i have always been a huge fan of crazy leggings and any and all amazing platform shoes. A few months back I came across a brand that has all of that called Black Milk Clothing. They have great quality leggins, bodysuits, skirts and shoes with pretty much the coolest patters I could ever think of…. More »

Dani Vitale’s Night Out At Celebuzz’s The Host Screening

Last week Celebuzz invited me to a screening of The Host! I don’t know why, but seeing movies before they come out is always exciting to me. I am a big fan of Saoirse Ronan…

Spring Nail Art Inspiration

You guys know I love my nail art. Last week at my favorite nail salon in LA- ES NAIL (thanks Hannabeth for the recommendation) I decided I was ready for spring nails. I got white and pink nails with hand -drawn flowers on each hand and rhinestones. It’s sort of crazy and I love it…. More »

Dim Mak x Joy Rich: Let Them Eat Cake

Last week I attended the Let Them Eat Cake event at The Act in Las Vegas while I was at WWD Magic. The event was hosted by HannaBeth,Joy Rich, Dim Mak & The Cobra Snake…and it was such a blast! So many of my friends were there, including Bebe Zeva, fellow Buzzmaker Samii Ryan, Luna… More »

Experience Fashion Trade Show MAGIC With The Buzzmakers!

Magic Market Week in Las Vegas, NV is the epicenter of fashion! This week designers and brands from all over the world are mingling with store buyers and fashionistas to stock their shelves…

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