Best In Tweets: Sisky Joins, Iero Spits Sarcasm

I can’t confine the best tweets to just one person a week. I just can’t. So I’m gonna post my favorites from your favorite twitterers.

First, Adam Siska from The Academy Is…has boarded the Twitter-wagon. Mostly because he wants to be followed by Shaq.

Frank Iero and his symmetrical facial hair made an appearance at day 2 of Bamboozle Left this weekend, where he played with his band Leathermouth. Although I was into the design, apparently some people were not. His tweets:

Sick burn! But really, all that is just a primer for my favorite Gerard tweet:

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is eliminating the need for Paparazzi by posting pics of her and bb Bronx through twitter:

(sidenote: bx looks like patrick stump. but maybe patrick stump looks like all babies?)

And finally, the Twit-xplosion that could have been because Andy and Joe from Fall Out Boy were TWITTERING FROM THE VERY LOCATION THAT TWITTER WAS BORN!!!

Best response? Mikey Way:

Thankfully, we’re all still alive today. Whew.

What other funny ones did you read this week?