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Bamboozle Left Day Two: Something Corporate, Christofer Drew, Anarbor

We had the spectacular fortune of covering day TWO of Bamboozle Left (or Bamboozle California–that terminology is going to take awhile to catch on. Deal with it). The most exciting thing about the day, of

Best In Tweets: Sisky Joins, Iero Spits Sarcasm

I can’t confine the best tweets to just one person a week. I just can’t. So I’m gonna post my favorites from your favorite twitterers.

First, Adam Siska from The Academy Is…has boarded the Twitter-wagon.…

Cobra Starship playing their new song @ BamLeft

I’m not street but I do what I gotta do… (that’s what he says, right? or am I way off?)

Clip of All Time Low playing “Weightless”

@ Bamboozle Left, 4/4/09 Sorry, it was a bit rowdy up in there, so it wouldn’t focus.

Get Up Kids covering “Close To Me” at Bamboozle Left

I listen to this song all the time. But not more than their cover of “Regret.”

Get Up Kids performing “Mass Pike” at Bamboozle Left

Sweetness. 4/4/09

Get Up Kids performing “Holiday” at Bamboozle Left

4/4/09, their opening song.

All Time Low shirts!

All Time Low – new shirts


Sing it Loud

They were really good!

I liked this girls dress

And hair bow.

bamleft09 12

Hey Monday @ BamLeft

bamleft09 10

Cassadee Pope

Damn right

bamleft09 7

Asher Roth

Enjoyed his set even though I’m not a big weed smoker haha

Alex Gaskarth, the suspenders and someone elses hands

James Dewees on tha keyboard!

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