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The Evolution of Ashlee Simpson

We first knew her as Ashlee Simpson – the rebellious punk rock sister of Jessica. Now she’s Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, wife of Pete Wentz and mother of Bronx. Who saw that coming during the ‘Pieces of Me’ era? Welcome to the Evolution of Ashlee Simpson

Do Not Mess with Pete Wentz’s Family

People have said a lot in the past about Pete Wentz as a celebrity, musician and a person.  But it’s pretty obvious to everyone that when it comes to being a husband and…

Sugar, Did He Go Down Swinging?

Recently, it seems like we’ve been seeing a new side of Pete Wentz.  The Fall Out Boy rocker has been hanging around in New York City, looking after his son

Pete And Ashlee Appear in Anti-Prop 8 Campaign

Last year, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz pledged their marriage vows to one another.

And now, they’re fighting for the right of all people to take those same vows.

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Best In Tweets: Sisky Joins, Iero Spits Sarcasm

I can’t confine the best tweets to just one person a week. I just can’t. So I’m gonna post my favorites from your favorite twitterers.

First, Adam Siska from The Academy Is…has boarded the Twitter-wagon.…

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Doesn’t Want to Hear About Her Sister’s Weight

Recent headlines have ripped into Jessica Simpson‘s weight, following several unflattering pictures surfacing from a recent performance.  The pictures show Jessica looking like she’s slightly heavier than previously, though some of that…

Simpson-Wentz-s to CSI?

Both Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz have backgrounds in acting.  Ashlee appeared on 7th Heaven, Pete did a guest spot on One Tree Hill, Ashlee’s even done movies and

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Pete Wentz’s Sex Life

We’ve all had the chance to see the equipment, but now Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has dished on what he’s done with it.  In an appearance on

Pete and Ashlee Get Parenting Advice

While Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz eagerly awaited the birth of their first child, Bronx, they were getting parenting advice from all over.  Both of their parents and friends…

Wanna Ring In the New Year With the Simpson-Wentzs?

New parents Pete and Ashlee Wentz will be ringing in 2009 in style.  While Ashlee just gave birth in late November, it looks like they’ll be leaving baby Bronx Mowgli with a sitter on…

How Much Is Baby Bronx Worth?

So, now that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has given birth, and now that she and husband Pete Wentz have announced their baby boy’s name is “Bronx Mowgli Wentz,” it’s time for

Fall Out Boy to Rock St. Louis in December?

With Fall Out Boy‘s recent decision to play small club shows that are only announced to fans a few weeks beforehand, a lot of fans are chomping at the bit to find

Pete Wentz on Folie a Deux, F’NMTV and How Love Changed His Life

Pete Wentz‘s name causes a ruckus around these parts.  And it’s caused a number of ruckuses (rucksi?) this past year, especially in regards to Pete’s relationship with now-wife Ashlee

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Buying Nursery Decorations?

Apparently, expectant mother Ashlee Simpson-Wentz either shares her husband Pete Wentz‘s taste in movies, or bought him an extra special Halloween present.  Simpson-Wentz was spotted in Santa Monica, CA,…

Pete Wentz’s Cartoon Crush: Share Your Own!

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz‘s hair has been through quite a few hues in her time.  From bright blonde to black to honey to her current crimson (which she’s kept fresh by using herbal dyes

Pete Wentz Protects Ashlee

Let’s talk about this, shall we? The press is swarming around a woman who is 5 months pregnant while she and her husband are walking to their car. And I mean SWARMING. You can see how close they are to her and how she’s instinctively moving to protect the baby. And thank you, Pete Wentz,… More »

Pete Wentz Talks New Fall Out Boy Record, Writing Lyrics and Collaborating with TI

Pete Wentz has done a lot of talking about the  new CD his band has been working on.  Band names have been thrown around, most notably AC/DC.  And now he’s revealed

Pete Wentz Talks Fall Out Boy’s Next Album: Taking Cues from the White Stripes

Turns out that while he’s taking care of new wife (and mother-to-be!) Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy is also busy working with his…

Look, He’s Said It, Can We Stop Now?


how do think Alshey being pregnantwill change the band. o and if
someone besides pete answeres this tell pete i love him and…

Oh Yeah, He’s Going to be a TERRIBLE Father

So Pete Wentz has directly addressed his choice to deny Ashlee’s pregnancy to

“Every woman, no matter who they are or what they do for a…

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