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We Remember The Lyrics: My Chemical Romance

Ever since the recent break-up of My Chemical Romance we can’t help but reminisce on the band’s amazing success over the years. Since 2001, MCR has been making music leaving us with some pretty incredible albums. In a recent interview lead singer Gerard Way stated “My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die.”… More »

My Chemical Romance’s Mikey Way and Ray Toro Get Ready To Rumble

Okay, okay.  So they won’t actually be stepping into a wrestling ring, but last night Mikey Way and Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance were spotted in the audience at WWE RAW.


Mikey Way Confirms There Will Be No Third Killjoys Video

We’d heard as much but up until now it hadn’t been comfirmed by the band.  But now it’s official: Mikey Way confirmed that we will not see a third video based on the Fabulous…

My Chemical Romance Perform For the Yo Gabba Gabba Christmas Special

Yo Gabba Gabba continues to be part of a new breed of kid’s show: one that’s just as entertaining for mom and dad.  And part of how Yo Gabba Gabba manages this is by bringing…

Mikey and Gerard Way Working on a Comic For DC

It’s not a secret that the Brothers Way love comic books.  Not only are Mikey and Gerard comic fans, but both of them have had the opportunity to write comics in the past.  Gerard, of…

My Chemical Romance To Record New Album After The Honda Civic Tour

Looks like the Killjoys may be put to rest sooner than we thought.  Alternative Press is reporting that at the Chicago date of the Honda Civic Tour, Gerard Way announced on stage that the band…

My Chemical Romance Signed Poster Giveaway

We were late to the whole “spring cleaning” thing but LOOK WHAT WE FOUND:

It’s a signed My Chem poster from The Black Parade days!

Want it?

All you have to do is LIKE…

My Chemical Romance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2011

MCR rocked day 2 of Radio 1’s Big Weekend in in Carlisle, England. My Chem is currently in the running for a whole host of 2011 Kerrang! Awards including best live performance, best video and best single. See all of the nominees here. All images credit GETTY (so don’t blame me for the Gerard-centric set).

Killjoy Jackets – only available in the USA? WHAT!?

So, if you head on over to MCR’s website, you’ll notice the drop dead AWESOME jackets available, in the styles of Party Poison, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul and Jet Star. 

When I saw these, I’m…

You May Still Get To Hear My Chemical Romance’s Scrapped Album…with a HUGE CATCH

So, before recording and releasing Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, MCR fans will probably remember that the band was working on ANOTHER album.  The previous recording was said to be a…

My Chemical Romance NME Acceptance Speech: ‘You’re Beautiful. Stay Beautiful.’

Shaky camera work, yes, but the message gets through. While accepting their award for “Best Music Video” at the NME awards, MCR takes the time to tell fans that they are beautiful, no matter what.

My Chemical Romance, Wembley Arena, 12.02.11

As the lights finally go down after an agonizing 20 minute wait, they’re finally here. Killjoys and fans alike rush forward or stand up in their seats as preparation for the epic event about to…

My Chemical Romance at The Grammy Museum

American Express Presents My Chemical Romance at The GRAMMY Museum on January 26, 2011. The band was on hand at the Clive Davis Theater in LA to answer questions and discuss their history leading up to “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys”. What would you have asked them? (Besides out on a… More »

My Chemical Romance: On a Roof. In Hollywood.

On Friday afternoon, an ecstatic group of MCR fans partied on the roof of the historic Hollywood Tower building. There were drinks, a DJ, food catered by Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and oh… just an acoustic…

How To Treat My Chemical Romance Concert Withdrawal

My Chemical Romance won’t be going on tour until this Spring, and even then they’ll only be playing major markets in order to not cause themselves the same exhaustion they suffered after The Black…

My Chemical Romance @ KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

Night one, 12/11/10

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2010 — Dec. 11, Gibson Ampitheatre, Los Angeles

My Chemical Romance Debuts the Video for ‘Sing’

We’ve been waiting for the next chapter in the Killjoys story, and now it’s here.  And trust me, you didn’t see this one coming.

Picking up where “Na Na Na” left off, the video features the…

My Chemical Romance to Stream a LIVE Concert on November 22nd

I know, I know, we’re talking a lot about My Chemical Romance’s new album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.  But we have good reason for that.  First of all, from what…

Will ‘Danger Days’ Be the Last My Chemical Romance Album? UPDATED

With how long it took to get news of Danger Days: The Real Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys some fans were beginning to wonder if we would ever hear anything from the band at all. …

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