Meet Patrick Stump, Mild-Mannered Reporter

I have yet to have anyone prove to me, definitively, that Fall Out Boy‘s Patrick Stump is not a superhero. After all, when he’s not hard at work as a triple threat in his own band (music writing, guitar playing and then there’s that little matter of the man’s effing VOICE) he’s worked with artists such as Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, Cobra Starship, The Cab, Misery Signals, Lupe Fiasco, Tyga and The Roots as a producer and more than occasionally a guest vocalist. He’s created remixed versions of songs by Good Charlotte and The Cure for their respective Remix albums. He’s also appeared on Law & Order and recently had a custom guitar released, the G5135P5 Stump-O-Matic Electromatic Signature Guitar.

And Mr. Stump’s recent announcement that he’s about to delve into the field of journalism does nothing to quell my belief that he’s got some kind of superpowers. After all, every crimefighter needs a secret identity and what better than a mild-mannered reporter? It works for Clark Kent and Peter Parker, why not for Patrick Vaughn Stump?

Patrick announced on his official website that he will be writing music reviews for Rolling Stone Magazine, starting with their next issue. We know that he had hinted at this in a previous journal post, but had refrained from naming the publication or the nature of his journalistic opportunity for fear of jinxing it. And it appears to have paid off.

Stump says he will be writing the reviews for “as long as they let me (so potentially a short time hahaha).” No idea what he’ll be reviewing, but with Stump’s ecclectic and informed taste in music it’s safe to say his opinions should be interesting. So in the end, WHAT he’s reviewing really won’t matter in the long run. What’s important is that Patrick confesses this is a dream come true. “I’ve wanted to write reviews for Rolling Stone since I was a little kid and it’s rare that in one’s life you get to live your two dream jobs (well, I am in a band, but I’m still not the drummer so I guess it’s not exactly the job I dreamed of).

Patrick asks fans to keep on the lookout for the reviews and to let him know what they think. I agree whole heartedly, but also ask you to share what you think about Patrick’s journalist turn as well as what you believe his super powers are.