Everything’s Coming Up Stump in 2009

Patrick Stump‘s 2009 may have started with THAT Blender article, which he’s since commented on and asked fans to calm down about. But based on a new blog on his official website, it sounds like 2009 will be The Year of the Stump.

First off, there’s the obvious: Patrick will be touring with Fall Out Boy on the True Believers Never Die [Part Deux] Tour, announced yesterday. In case you hadn’t heard, the tour also includes Cobra Starship, Metro Station, All Time Low and Hey Monday.

Oh, and speaking of Cobra Starship, Patrick mentions that he “will be involved in some way with the next Cobra Starship album, as well as the Cab’s next record.” Patrick, of course, produced Cobra’s last album, Viva La Cobra, and had worked with The Cab on Whisper War, lending his guest vocals to “One of THOSE Nights.” He also mentions a few other production gigs that he is remaining mysterious about, so keep your eyes and ears open. Patrick Stump as a producer can literally pop up anywhere, from hip hop to experimental indie rock.

Plus, Patrick’s got news on his short film The Moustachette.

I’ve been dragging my feet about the whole thing because I was having a hard time letting go of control of the edit. This is my first film (albiet a short) and I feel perhaps my lesson is that films are kind of like as assembly line. Everyone involved has a job and one guy can’t attempt to run every station telling everyone how to do said job. As a result, I think it’s pertinent that I clarify some things. I directed the film (though it is my first direction and therefor was aided heavily by Assistant director Tobin Nageotte) and I act in it. As for my writing credit, initially I would say that I fleshed out the story but over time it’s plot and purpose have changed considerably (as I’m sure films are supposed to do) and it is no longer “My” story. That credit would go to Tobin and my step-brother and producer on the film, Paul Klinke (I supposed with a little help from me). Anyway, it’s all the better for that realization and now I’m finally able to approve a finished edit so it will be out shortly.

To keep up with news on THAT artistic endeavor, make sure to join Buzznet’s Moustachette group.

Anything else from the Talented Mr. Stump? Well, he does hint at breaking some new ground: journalism. “I also have a very big journalism job that (as long as I don’t screw up) should be moving along shortly (this is such big news for an aside but I really don’t want to jinx it).” Because of the mysteriousness of the blurb, we don’t know the details yet, but I’m sure they’ll be forthcoming when the time is right.

Finally, Patrick would like you to see his equipment.

I meant his signature guitar, you perverts!

So, what else could we possibly see from Patrick Vaughn Stump this year? Any suggestions of what you’d like to see him do? Maybe someone you’d like to see him produce for? And does this mean we’ll finally get a real look at this fine publication?