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Paramore Is Getting Old. Hayley Williams Spills On Pre-Show Prep.

We’ve loved Paramore since their break out album Riot! and in concert, they don’t disppoint. Hayley Williams commands the stage with such verocity and electricity, you’d think…

Katy Perry Wants Kids With Or Without A Man!

“I don’t need a dude, it’s 2014!” exclaims Katy Perry.

The 29-year old, pop star diva, who is no stranger to controversy…

Flashback Friday 11: Britney Spears’ 2008 Photo Shoots

Brunettney comes back Blondney in 2008 and this is one of the huge year of the Legendary Miss Britney Spears. She hosted MTV VMAs and won THREE moonmen awards (Best Female Artist, Best Pop Song & Video Of The Year with “Piece Of Me”). Mommy Brit posed for several shootings like OK! Magazine, Rolling Stones… More »

Miley’s New Tattoo

This is the latest tattoo of the singer, which one is the name of the magazine Rolling Stone.

Sound Off: Miley Cyrus In Rolling Stone

Miley Cyrus is sending five copies to her mother because she’s on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Check out Miley, 20, naked in the pool with lots of smudged eye makeup…

Pete Wentz Reveals Divorce Struggles, Pill Addiction, and Paranoia

Mr. Pete Wentz has…

Magazine Takeover: Miley Cyrus

My girl Miley Cyrus has been on a number of different magazine covers throughout her career. We have seen covers from the 20-year-old’s Hannah Montana days to her now, edgy, bleached blonde, dare I say rebellious, days. It’s no secret that I love everything Miley does. I think she is always looking great no matter… More »

The Killers Premiere New Christmas Song ‘I Feel It In My Bones’

For many, today’s date is simply the first opportunity to open advent calendars. However 1st December also marks World AIDS Day which The Killers recognise once…

Rolling Stone Review: ‘X Factor’ Premiere Recap: Britney Spears Makes Her Debut

Greetings, X-Factoids! You can relax now, and blow out your Simon Cowell vigil candles, for your favorite $5 million talent show/freak-fest hath returned. I will be your X-Factotum again on…

Britney Spears Makes X Factor Debut In Austin

By Chad Swiatecki (Rolling Stone)

Britney Spears received the loudest, longest applause at the start of her
 first taping as a judge on Fox’s The X Factor on Thursday, but…

Britney Spears’ Platinum Single “Till The World Ends” In Rolling Stone’s Top 50!

“Till The World Ends” came in at number three on‘s Top 50 Singles of the Year list!

“Brit delivers the Apocalypse Now of Eurotrash electrotrance…

Teen Choice Awards

After a few weeks of fittings and crazy madness It was such a treat to go hang out with friends at the Teen Choice Awards after party! I wore GOLD gold and more gold. I don’t have a picture of my shoes but they were glitter/gold and i wore lots of gold necklace + bracelets…. More »

Zach Galifianakis: Is He a Comedian or Co-MEAN-dian?

Zach Galifianakis may play aloof, jolly Alan in The Hangover and The Hangover Part II, but the funnyman can often be less than jolly at times. In his cover story…

Lady Gaga Spends $1000 Buying Her Own Album

At a Monday night launch event at a Best Buy in NY, Lady Gaga dropped $995 buying copies of Born This Way, one-upping everyone of the 500 fans who came out to the…

Lady Gaga is BOW-EAUTIFUL on the Cover of Rolling Stone

With her new album Born This Way just released this week and a stint on the hilarious season finale of SNL under her belt as of this past weekend, it seems that this…

Vote for Skyler Stonestreet!

Buzznet’s beloved singer-songwriter Skyler Stonestreet is in the running for the COVER of ROLLING STONE and we want her pretty face all up in our newsstands!

To vote, go HERE!


Britney interviewed by Rolling Stone

Britney gave a surprise interview to Rolling Stone. Check it out:

Do your kids like the new record? What have they said about it?
Yes. They definitely dance…

Question of the Day: Should Pop Stars Share Their Political Ideologies?

Pop stars are real people. “Real” in the sense that they are actual people (unless you count Charmander. Charmander isn’t real, right?) with real people feelings and so on and so forth. Sometimes, though, they…

Politics, Abortion, and Pre-Marital Sex, Oh My! Justin Bieber’s Rolling Stone Interview

Today in news that will likely be blown out of proportion: Justin Bieber spoke to Rolling Stone, and although the full article isn’t in our possession, the gossip blogs are jumping…

Pure Katy Perry for Rolling Stone

Katy is so pure,especially here. She’s a womanly. She’s Lady.

I sooo adore her.

This is my favorite photos from the photoshoot. Enjoy!

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