i care not of what others think of what i do, but i care very much about what i think of what i do. this is character.

there is just something about the way photos turn out from a disposable camera that makes me prefer it over digital. i love the raw look and distorted colors. this morning i dropped my disposable cameras off at one hour photo and got a smoothie from the beverly juice bar. banana almond with apple ginger smoothie is my new favorite afternoon snack. yesterday i went to nobu for dinner where i enjoyed some pink champagne and sashimi. i ended my night staring at a view of all of los angeles from giant windows in the hills and video chatting with my friend amy who was dressed up as a cat in seattle.

this week is going to be busy. dim mak and i are working on the line and the material for the shirts. think comfy lounge wear. soft shirts and hoodies. sunday i shot the death of hanna beth part 2. its going to be a lot longer this time and more intense. glamour kills and i are also working on merch designs this week as well. thursday i have a photoshoot and friday i have a production meeting with my manager. tonight i’m going to take it easy and have dinner at my mom’s with marlon and her. i love spending time with my family, they mean more to me than anyone i know. this weekend is superbowl weekend! i don’t like football, but people always make a big deal about it. i think alex and i might be spending it in vegassssss.. could be an interesting weekend..

any plans for superbowl weekend?

what is your favorite junkie snack? my fav is goldfish.. haha