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First of all, thanks so much to everyone who helped make this interview possible – Hayley, Josh and Jeremy, of course (and Zac too…even if he didn’t show up 🙂 Also, a big thank you to Mark, Randy, Ronnie and Ajax (press liasion! 🙂 AND the band for working around our schedules (particularly my work schedule) to make this happen. There couldn’t be a nicer group of people.Ok, so I make no claims for this transcript being perfect (particularly on the cereal list)…if you want exactly what was said, listen to the audio file. It’s really difficult to transcribe everyone talking at once…but I gave it my best shot and my apologies for any errors. I tried to capture the tone of the interview as much as possible…so you’ll notice I didn’t clean everything up into complete sentences…I wanted it to read as much as possible like we talked. Hope you enjoy! Interview – Anaheim, CA – 5.18.07Interviewers: Brent, Steph, Kevin, ChristineBrent: Alright.Hayley: Ready?Brent: No. I wrote all these last night at like 3 in the morning…Hayley: *laughs*Brent: …so, we will see… so, these are questions that people on the boards had, of course, and on LiveJournal too….oh, you had the first question Steph.Steph: Ok, so this is a really important question – if you had the choice to either wear a deep-v American Apparel or a regular-v neck American Apparel, what would you choose and what color? Jeremy: Deep-V! Me is deep-v. What’s yours? I don’t know what color…how ’bout you (to Josh)? I like black – the deep-v.Josh: I would probably wear…I don’t know…I like them both…I would probably wear a regular one…and it would probably be the yellow. I love the yellow color.Jeremy: Light yellow or dark yellow?Josh: Light yellow…what’s wrong with that?Hayley: You do like the light yellow…Brent: So, first of all, any of these questions you’ve been asked before, because I know you’ve done a lot of press, you can just pass…Hayley: Nah, that’s ok…Brent: No � I don’t want to ask you questions you’ve already been asked before because we’ll read them all anyway eventually…Hayley: Alright.Brent: So…Josh: Pass!*laughter*Brent: So, first of all – somebody wanted to know – if you had your own MTV Reality show, what would you call it?Josh: Oh my gosh.Hayley: That’s such a hard one.Josh: Fun and Games with ParamoreHayley: I would hope if we ever had something like that…Jeremy: Parareality!Hayley: I would hope it would be something that wasn’t like super gay…Brent: Like Parareality?*laughter*Jeremy: Exactly!Hayley: I would want it to be something super music oriented because MTV is no longer about music…so we’d have to bring the music back…so what would it be?Jeremy: It would be…Bringing the Music Back with Paramore.*laughter*Brent: Ok, that’s good…let’s see…someone else wanted to know whether This Providence was your favorite band before they were a band….because they said that you were their favorite band before you were a band in their little video… Hayley: Whaat?Josh: I’m confused.Hayley: ‘Cause remember in their video… their music video to us – they were like “you guys were our favorite band before you were even a band!”Hayley: I would say they became my favorite band the second I met them…because honestly, before – I had heard a little bit of their stuff – it was kind of going around 2005 Bamboozle – that’s when I really got into them and knew about them. But as soon as I met them – I was like, these guys rock. And they do. Josh: They’re alright.*laughter*Brent: Someone else wanted to know about the most embarrassing moments on the tour and whether Josh is planning to become an acrobat.Hayley: *laughter*Josh: Why yes… how did you know?Jeremy: Where did that come from?Hayley: That leaked. It leaked.Brent: Everything leaks.Josh: You weren’t supposed to know that there’s a special edition DVD attached to our new CD of me performing acrobatical acts.Jeremy: Acrobatical moves.Josh: I don’t know if that’s a word, but I just made one.Hayley: Seriously, a lot of embarrassing moments are just funny…but my most embarrassing moment was when that condom was hurled at me from across…what city was that? Josh: Warped Tour – Fresno.Hayley: Dude, and it like stuck to my gross sweaty chest. And seriously, it was pretty embarrassing. I’ll be honest, I got a little upset at that moment.Brent: Did someone throw a can at you tonight?Jeremy: Yeah, a Bud Light can.Hayley: Really?Brent: Yeah, it looked like a beer can came flying out of the crowd at you – I was like, what is that?Josh: Yeah, I looked up and like glared and felt bad because I looked right at you (to Kevin) – I was like, it’s you Kevin!Hayley: Seriously though, they were just preparing us for Reading and Leeds.*laughter*Brent: That is probably true.Josh: I’m going to go out in freakin’ football pads.Brent: Yeah, they throw bottles.Hayley: Dude, I swear, there’s no way we’re stopping the show. I don’t care if I die.Jeremy: Don’t even write that…they’ll just be like… ok, we’re going to hit ’em all day.Brent: Ok…why the orange tape on the microphone? Hayley: Ok, the first day of tour, Ronnie comes up to me and goes you…’cause I don’t swing my mic but I am sometimes rough with it…and he was like we’ve got to tape your mic up – what color do you want? And I was like orange. Pretty simple. Not a big story. Jeremy: Carrot.Brent: Ok…Jeremy – why did you start playing a 4-string bass instead of a 5-string? And why are you using a pick now?Jeremy: Ok, well…it does sound good. It sounds a lot tighter. It took a lot…these guys had to do a lot of pushing to get me to start playing with a pick. They all wanted it and I knew it sounded good, but it was always – to me, at first, the only bands I saw using a pick in the beginning were the punk bands who were like *makes punk band noises* and that’s always really annoying to me. But nowadays…people play with a pick and it sounds so good…it took me watching a couple of bands… Hayley: But you do both… Jeremy: Yeah, I do go back and forth a little bit and I’m going to bring in my 5-string a little bit, but it’s messed up right now. Brent: What happened to it? Jeremy: Right now, it’s got dirty pots. I don’t know if you know what that is… Hayley: Dirty pots. *laughter* Jeremy: It’s got dirty pots. So, it cuts in and out. Josh: Happened all last tour. Hayley: Yeah, it did. Brent: Here Steph…pick a question…if you can read my handwriting… Steph: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked to sign? Done any boobs yet? Josh: No. Hayley: Actually, I’ve signed a boob. Josh: I ain’t signing no boob! Jeremy: People have asked and we’ve been like “ehhh…” Hayley: Yeah, the guys won’t do it. I did it once to be funny. Josh: Signing people’s faces is always weird. Some girl asked me to sign her forehead and I was like “I don’t want to do that.” Hayley: But we did. Jeremy: We’ve signed a couple people’s cars. Hayley: Yeah, that was pretty cool. Jeremy: And the inside…the dashboard…I thought that was pretty weird. Hayley: Dude – Rich – that’s his name right? Rich from New Jersey? Or from New York? Jeremy: I don’t remember. Hayley: Rich – he’s got a crazy car. Kevin: He’s got a tattoo, right? Hayley: Yeah man…he just got a RIOT! tattoo as well. Brent: Wow…that’s hardcore. Hayley: Yeah, it’s pretty insane. Josh: He was like, I hope you guys don’t change the name of the album before it comes out. Jeremy: He’s got All We Know Is Falling too. Josh: He got RIOT! like a month ago, two months ago. I was like, holy crap. You’re craaaazy. Steph: Ok, what’s your favorite word? *laughter* Brent: I tried to pick the most random ones I could find….and it can’t be RIOT! Hayley: *laughter* That’s what Jeremy would say. Josh: I don’t have a favorite word. I don’t like words really. Hayley: *laughter* (to Josh) I don’t ever use them. My favorite word is probably… Josh: My favorite word is probably Brent: Thanks. That’s like 3 words, run together. Jeremy: I don’t know…I know we say “dangit” a lot. Hayley: Yeah. I say “dangit” all the time. I mean, yeah…dangit. Seriously, “dangit” is probably my favorite. It sounds so hick, but you know you mean it when you say it. Brent: Serious question. What is your favorite song on the new record? Josh: “Misery Business” is my favorite. Jeremy: I like “For a Pessimist…” Hayley: Gosh…I really like…there’s a song called “That’s What You Get” on the record…I like it… Brent: Yeah, we’ve heard 3 seconds of it… Hayley: No way! Brent: Yeah we have because it was on the little FUSE thing…they played that little tiny clip of the song and Steven singing with you guys… Hayley: Oh yeah! Jeremy: I forgot about that. Josh: It sounded horrible… Hayley: I just like the melody and the verses…and especially the bridge…it’s just really flowy. Josh: You rocked on that song girl! Hayley: Thanks man! Brent: Why’d you pick “Misery Business” as the first single? Josh: Because it’s my favorite song. The band does what I want! *laughter* Hayley: No, seriously…it represents the rest of the record so well. And it’s really intense…it’s definitely the most direct song, if you couldn’t already tell, that’s on the whole entire record…and I think it was important to get that honesty out there. Jeremy: I think it sounds a lot like our old album, though…I don’t know…what am I trying to say? Hayley: Wait, yeah…I don’t get it… Jeremy: Alright, no…it’s just an energetic song that does represent us as a band and the record…and it’s got a lot of emotions in it which is another thing that we like and stuff like that…I don’t know – I don’t think there could have been a better song to start off with. Hayley: Me neither. Brent: Ok…so a lot of people asked how and when did you get involved with To Write Love On Her Arms? Hayley: Cornerstone ’05, I believe…wait no � ’06. Someone wrote me on myspace and was like you should really check this out � it was one of my friends from back home I think. And I went and read the story and I just thought it was really inspiring. So, I actually wrote Jamie, who started it with Renee – for Renee – and I just said “hey, I’m Hayley. I’m in a band that you’ve probably never heard of. We’re called Paramore and we’re on Fueled By Ramen.” I was trying to make it sound really legit – “we’ve played Warped Tour and all that stuff. I really want to get involved; if you’re interested, write me back.” He wrote me back like 5 minutes later and he was like “your band, I listen to you guys a lot and I think what you guys do is great. I’d love to meet you guys at Cornerstone – are you playing?” And I said yeah and we went back and forth for like a week and it wasn’t until I got down there that I met Renee and sort of felt what it was all about. The guys were totally down for it and that was it. Kevin: If you could play with any band in the world, who would it be? Josh and Jeremy: Jimmy Eat World, by far. Hayley: I’d like to be the girl that sings on their record. And you know – doing that Chariot record – listening to bands like Jimmy Eat World, a lot of bands that have the females featured – Taking Back Sunday, all that stuff – I’ve always wanted to do that – and the Chariot – I loved doing that because they’re so different. I would love to be that girl that sings on all those little emo band records. Jeremy: You know, like Akon – he sings with everybody! Hayley: Dude – I’d like to be the Akon of our music. Brent: Does Akon even have his own record or does he just sing on other people’s records? Josh: I don’t know, does he? Hayley: *laughter* Jeremy: Or Pharrell – I don’t think he even has his own CD. Steph: What has been your favorite song to play this tour? Hayley: My favorite has been “Misery Business” because we come out sort of swinging with it. It’s just showing everyone it’s a new time. We’re starting over and it’s awesome and…there’s excitement because the show’s beginning and there’s excitement because it’s a new song…and there’s just a different energy when we play that song. You know there’s something happening and I love that feeling. Jeremy: My favorite is a tie between “Born For This” and “Brighter.” I don’t know why – I really used to not like “Brighter” at all and it’s one of my favorite songs to play now. Steph: Which South Park character do you relate to most? Josh: I don’t watch South Park. Hayley: Yeah, Josh doesn’t watch it. I’m not extremely familiar with it…but I know Jeremy is. Jeremy: Cartman, because he’s really gaseous. Hayley: Gaseous! *laughter* Jeremy: I flatuate a lot and they don’t smell too great. Hayley: Seriously…one night. We were all trying to go to bed…and we’ve got our curtains closed. And it starts seeping through the curtains. I thought I was going to die in my bunk. Jeremy: Hold on, hold on. You have to understand. I’m on the top bunk and then underneath there’s Zac and then Taylor. And then over here is Hayley and then it was Evan then and then Josh on the bottom. So Josh is even the farthest from me. And we were on our Nintendo DS’s, weren’t we? Hayley: No, not yet. Jeremy: No, we had just been talking and I closed my curtain and I was on the phone. Josh: And all of a sudden I was like “Jeremy!” Jeremy: And I farted…and I hear Josh…and it sounds like he’s so far away – he’s like “awwwwww! It’s seeping through the curtains in our bunk!” *laughter* Jeremy: And then I look out and all of them have poked their heads out…and it was like six people and I was laughing so hard I had to hang the phone up. Today was really bad too. Hayley: It was ridiculous. You can’t even imagine the death that just came out of his butthole. Brent: How many guys on the bus with you? Hayley: At that point there was 11 or 12…I was the twelfth person – you guys were 11. Brent: *hands list to Josh* Pick a question… Josh: Favorite cereal! Josh: I like Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cinnamon Life Jeremy: Raisin Bran Crunch Josh: Cap’n Crunch Jeremy: Cap’n Crunch Josh: Oh’s Hayley: Apple Jacks Josh: Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. Did I say Fruit Loops? Jeremy: Apple Jacks…Cap’n Crunch…so good! Hayley: I still like the Kellogg’s brand too… Josh: Ooh, I like Rice Chex. Honey Nut Rice Chex. I love Honey Nut Rice Chex. Hayley: The one we eat the most is Raisin Bran Crunch. Jeremy: Yeah, we have that every day. Hayley: Because it’s healthy, it’s crunchy and if you put vanilla soy milk in it…vanilla – vanilla soy milk…it’s so good. Josh: Seriously – I love cereal. I probably love it more than anybody on this planet. Hayley: See, back at home � ok, I’m not the kind of girl that spends the night over at dude’s houses – but I would stay over really late and the guys always eat cereal at like midnight. Right on the dot, they always eat cereal together. So, that was like the goal – stay just long enough to eat the cereal with them, then head home – have mom come pick me up. And we’ve started to do it on the road, especially now that Taylor’s out because from the time that they were 12 years old, they would eat cereal together. Brent: It’s a tradition. Hayley: It is! Jeremy: I heard about a new one. Mike Green last night told me – it’s made by the Raisin Bran Crunch people or whatever – it’s called Vanilla Cranberry Crunch. Hayley: Ooooh. That sounds good. Jeremy: Yeah. We’re going to have to try that. Josh: What are you currently reading, other than (smiley face!) *laughter* Brent: Do you realize what time I was writing those questions? And I flew here from Virginia to California… Hayley: Ridiculous. Honestly, Brent bought me a book. It’s a bunch of short stories by Leo Tolstoy…and my favorite one I read – “Little Girls Wiser Than Men” and it’s so good. I’m not reading it at this very moment, but I read it recently and I thought it was really great. It’s a really good lesson – there’s a lot of really insightful stories in that book and I like it a lot. Unfortunately, I’ve read Absolutepunk way too much this past week. Why do I do that? Jeremy: I’ve been reading this little thing called “Get On Da Mic!” And it is SO buck. It is so hard. Have you ever played it before? Steph: Yeah! Jeremy: It’s like blebleble (makes really fast rapping noises…) Josh: I’ll tell you what Jeremy should be reading is the book that I bought him for my birthday. Yeah…I bought everybody books for my birthday. Jeremy: Yeah, he did. Josh: It’s called “Wild at Heart” and he hasn’t read it yet. Jeremy: I haven’t read it…I have it with me, but I don’t read hardly at all. There was a time when I was reading and I was about to start it and I didn’t…and I feel seriously awful. Hayley: *jokingly* You should. You should. Jeremy: Seriously – that’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given because it was not even supposed to be given to me… Hayley: That was really nice Josh. Brent: So what about you? What’d they get you for your birthday? Josh: Nothing. Jeremy: Oh, that’s bullcrap. I got you something. Josh: Nothing. You guys didn’t get me anything! Hayley: Oh! (reading the question sheet) So what about the Refused line in “Born For This”? Hey! It’s time to answer a question. Josh: Sorry. Hayley: I would say “Born For This”, like the actual melody of it all, I mean obviously the storyline is obvious – it’s about our fans and how they’re going to take us to the next level – you guys are going to carry us and carry the tour. But – Refused – their song “Liberation Frequency” inspired, sort of, the melody for me and I wanted it to fit in somewhere because this is our introduction to radio – stations are starting to pick up “Misery Business” – and I guess “we want the airwaves back” is a really ballsy line because we’ve never been on the radio before. And, I kind of took it out of their song and fit it into – our fans are going to carry us to the next level – we’re going to be introduced to all these new people who have never heard of us and we’re going to take over, I guess…it’s kind of ballsy. I love Refused and it worked. Jeremy: I have a question for you all – did it sound really funny when we first put it out and there were no words there? Brent: No, it sounded perfectly fine…now it sounds a little different because of what you hear live… Jeremy: ‘Cause it came out and it was like *makes sounds from “Born For This”* and normally it’s never that loud because there are vocals on top of it but when I heard it the first time, I was like “what is that?” Josh: Did you guys hear “Misery Business” when it first came out and it was super slow? Brent: Yeah, when it first came out – and the funniest thing was all the people posting – “this is the worst song I’ve ever heard”, “it’s so slow”, “Hayley’s voice is really low – what’s wrong with her voice?” Hayley: We were so scared. Jeremy: I didn’t get to hear that. Brent: It was very strange. Hayley: But the Refused line will be on the record. We got it cleared. So, it’s gonna happen. Jeremy: It took forever. Those guys are all over the place. Hayley: Well, they’re not together, I guess and we had to find them. Brent: They also wrote a lovely manifesto when they broke up about how they hated the music industry. Hayley: Yeah, they don’t want to be a part of it and all that stuff. Jeremy: Well, they went somewhere really far away because it took forever to find them. *laughter* Hayley: I was biting my nails. It was crazy. Brent: Ok, some people want to know about “Rewind” and “Temporary” – if they’ll ever get recorded. Hayley: “Rewind” is on the Best Buy release. We have a bunch of – here’s the thing – we put out a bunch of different records – I’ll tell you why. Josh: It sounds terrible. Hayley: It’s a demo, it’s supposed to sound bad. Ok, so basically, we had to put out a bunch of exclusive versions for different stores so it helps us get better deals. I’ll be honest – it’s not cheap to put records in and you want to get a good spot so people can see it. Jeremy: And they’ll promote it better. Hayley: So we gave Best Buy 2 b’sides – 1 b-side, no a live track and a b-side – “Rewind” – and it’s a demo. And I’ll be honest – my voice – I’m kind of off a little bit. That was a bad week for me recording. Josh: *off-key singing* “Rewind to the first time…” *laughter* Hayley: Hot Topic has… Brent: Oh no. I have to go to Hot Topic? Hayley: Yeah, you do. Josh: You know what we should do? Brent: I’m not allowed in Hot Topic. Hayley: Why? Brent: Because I’m too freakin’ old. Josh: No – we’re taking you there and we’re going to get you those huge goth pants, put black lipstick on you, spike your hair up and you’ll go home to your wife and be like “hey!” Jeremy: Yeah, he’ll look like me in this – look at this – look what Hayley did to me *unrolls Steph’s poster with the “decorated” drawings of each band member* Brent: Yeah, you look really nice. The butterflies are a nice touch. Josh: Holy crap. I am totally….I like it dude. Hayley: Josh, I think you look good that way. Josh: I do too. I should grow a handlebar. Hayley: I like the unibrow thing. Ok, but we do want to apologize because we saw all the posts about The Academy Is…, “Paramore please don’t put out 5 records – we’ll buy your record, you don’t have to do that…” Jeremy: And we were in the process of approving all the designs for it too… Hayley: They were complaining about how many records The Academy Is… put out…all the different versions… Jeremy: Remember – all the different ones – special editions… Brent: 3 different versions and they all have exclusives…. Hayley: And you have to go buy 3 records apiece and they were like Paramore please don’t do that… Brent: But that’s good for you. Hayley: Yeah *laughing* So, we’re sorry, but at the same time, it is going to help us get more visibility. Brent: So, what do I have to go to Hot Topic to get? Josh: I don’t know. It’s a secret. Hayley: What does Hot Topic have on it? “Decoy”, I think. Brent: “Decoy”? Hayley: “Decoy” is “Nirvana.” “Nirvana” is the working title for “Decoy.” Brent: Ahhh…and “Mexico” is… Hayley: “Mexico” is “Misery Business.” Did you guys hear all the mariachi music tonight? Kevin: Yeah, I know all the words and everything. I was like alright! Hayley: Yeah! Brent: The guys in L.A. last night – the security – loved the mariachi music. Hayley: Good. Steph: Honestly, it was so funny. Brent: They were all singing along. Jeremy: It was hysterical – I love it man. Hayley: We love it man – it gets people in a good mood. Jeremy: Seriously, who can’t like listen to mariachi and be like *starts humming mariachi music* Josh: *adds in his own mariachi music* Brent: If you had to listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be? Hayley: Mine would be either “The Rising Tide” or “Faces In Disguise” by Sunny Day Real Estate. Josh: Good gosh. Brent: One song. On repeat. For the rest of your life. Hayley: Probably a Jimmy Eat World song, isn’t it? Jeremy: Yeah, mine is Jimmy Eat World – “Disintegration.” That song kills me. Hayley: Ooh yeah…so good. Josh: You know…this actually makes me sad. I’m such an emo kid when it comes to this. Because I think about that stuff. Let�s see…I have two songs…I know that’s not the question…but it would either be….gosh….”23″ by Jimmy Eat World or “Brothers On A Hotel Bed” by Death Cab For Cutie. It would probably be….ok….”Brothers On A Hotel Bed.” Hayley: I thought you were going to say “Stop This Train” by John Mayer because that is sad. Josh: Oh, dang it. Brent: If I could pick three songs to listen to on repeat for the rest of my life… *laughter* Jeremy: He said we need to wrap it up here in a minute. Hayley: Oh crap. Are you kidding me? This is the most fun interview we’ll ever have in our life. Jeremy: Let’s just keep going. Hayley: We’ll just be like “listen, we sold your place out.” Jeremy: We’re rebels. Brent: Well, now I feel like I need to ask an important question before they throw us out…I don’t know what to ask though. Josh: We’re gonna ask you questions. Brent: That’s actually a question – if you could interview your fans, what would you ask? Josh: What song is your favorite on the old album and why? Brent: My favorite? Josh: Anybody’s. Brent: “Franklin” Josh: Why? Brent: I don’t know…because whenever I’m away from home, that song makes me think of it. Jeremy: What about what’s your favorite song on the new cd? Josh: Hold on – I want to ask everybody. Steph: Too much pressure. Hayley: Pressure? Steph: No, it’s too much pressure. Ummm…mine’s probably “Franklin” too…because I moved away from home to start college… Hayley: Awwww. Steph: No – it’s not that far – it’s like an hour away. Hayley: But still…that’s just long enough away. Josh: C’mon Kev. Kevin: Probably “My Heart”…because it has a lot of memories attached to it. Hayley: Awww dude…we have a surprise for you guys on the new record…don’t put this on the interview ok? *quick break while Hayley tells us about the surprise – which is REALLY cool :)* Hayley: Ok, we’re done. Brent: Ok, but I can leave the part in the interview about the gaseous part? Jeremy: Dude, I don’t even care. I’m not trying to hide it man. Josh: Hey, I want to still ask you guys questions. Brent: Ok, go ahead. Josh: If you could change one thing about our live show, what would it be? Hayley: Yeah, I want to know that. Jeremy: Change or add. Steph: Make the crowd take a step back. *laughter* Brent: Yeah, last night I would make the crowd take one big step back so I didn’t have bruises from here to here. Josh and Jeremy: Performance though. Hayley: Performance – got any critiquing? Steph: Tighter clothes. *laughter* Hayley: Yeah right. *laughter* Steph: No, I love the show. I think it’s fun. Like, watching it from far away, because I’m usually up front… Jeremy: Yeah, I was looking for you. Steph: It’s different. Brent: It’s really different watching it from far away like that because you can see all five of you interacting onstage – because when you’re down close, you have to focus on one person at a time. Josh: That’s what I do when I go to concerts – I always stay in the back. Jeremy: Yeah, me too. Josh: ‘Cause it sounds better. Brent: It does sound a lot better. Hayley: I would like to know…sorry, I know we don’t have much time… Josh: They didn’t answer though… Brent: I’m still thinking. Kevin: I’d like to see more flipping. Hayley: More flipping? More flipping! Brent: I’m trying to think of a real answer… Josh: Because we’ve been thinking about – what else could we do? Jeremy: It’s so hard – because it’s cool that we interact… Kevin: You could start climbing something and then go upside down or whatever… Hayley: *laughter* Josh: Yeah, we’ll work on that for you. Hayley: We should do some more of that stuff. Alright – well I want to know – I know that you (Brent) – the first time you heard of us was on Warped Tour and that’s when you became a fan I guess… Brent: Yeah, the Shira Girl stage… Hayley: Yeah…but what was you guys’ moments when you were like “oh Paramore! I like this band!” Steph: When I watched that “Meet the Band” video…and it was like so awesome. Hayley: Really? That’s cool dude! Josh: Was that the one where Zac was like dancing on the pole? Hayley: Remember how big he was? *laughter* Remember he was such a little chunkster? Jeremy: I love that. That’s so funny. Hayley: I remember – he didn’t know what to do. Kevin: Mine…it’s really weird. I went to a Plain White T’s show and I saw you guys’ poster there…and I was like…there’s a girl in the band. This is interesting. And I checked you guys out � I went to Best Buy and bought the CD and I couldn’t put it down after that. Josh: Dude, thank you. Hayley: That’s awesome. *to Christine* You got one? Josh: Pressure, pressure. Christine: Kevin and me were somewhere and he made me listen to it and I really liked it…it was “Pressure” and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Hayley: That’s awesome dude! That’s really cool. I’ve never gotten to ask a bunch of people that, so I was just interested to know…any other questions? Jeremy: What about you homie? *to Brent* Brent: She already gave mine. Hayley: Yeah, his was at Warped Tour. Brent: No, I saw you guys at Warped – what is it? ’05 I guess? So I’m wandering around – looking for bands to listen to. And you were playing pretty early in the day – 1:30 or something, I guess…and your posters were everywhere – it was just the picture of the album cover and the couch – and I was like, I’ll go check that out. And that was it. Hayley: Dude, that’s awesome. Brent: I saw you play for like 20 people. Jeremy: Dude, we worked so long… Hayley: We worked for like 3 hours in the morning, every morning, doing little flyers… Brent: They were everywhere. They were all over. Jeremy: We were running around – we had to write the time every single day… Hayley: And the stage – Shira stage at 1:30, Shira stage at 2:30…and then we would spend the next two hours running around the place, handing them out…kids would like spit on them, flip them out of our hands… Jeremy: So we started figuring out ways that we could get them attracted. So we made that big sign – it was a sign that had the times on it… Hayley: And you’d fan people! *laughter* Jeremy: And we’d start to fan – “come see us play!” I’m over here sweating – “come watch us play!” People would love it – they wouldn’t want to move. “You gotta come watch us play – please!” Brent: You think people will know when you’re playing this year? Hayley: Oh, I hope so. They’d better know. *laughter* Jeremy: I’m not going to be fanning people off. Hayley: It’s like so confusing – I thought we were on the whole tour, but I guess – I guess we might leave a few days early for Reading and Leeds, but I’m not sure. Brent: I think that’s got to be what it is. Hayley: ‘Cause we can’t cancel again. Seriously we cancelled last year and it was bad news…we shouldn’t have done that. Jeremy: We’re going to get bottled. Hayley: Now we’re going to get bottled. That’s going to suck, but I won’t leave. I swear…I don’t care if I’m dying – I will lay down and finish the set. Brent: Will you wear like a helmet or something? Steph: Do you want like a sumo outfit? *laughter* Jeremy: That’d be hysterical…just bring things so they do throw it at us and they’d just bounce off of us. That’d be hysterical. Hayley: I’ll wear bubble wrap. *laughter* Hayley (to Josh): You’re quiet. Josh: I’m thinking of a question….if you could play in our band, what instrument would you play? And you can’t be Hayley. Hayley: Oh, ok. Josh: ‘Cause being Hayley would be… Brent: I could play clarinet. Jeremy: What do you think is the most interesting? Josh: If you could take anyone’s place… Hayley: Oh, they can add stuff too… Kevin: Besides Hayley? Josh: Besides Hayley…because that’s a given. Brent: I can play clarinet…or I used to…when I was in middle school. Hayley: Yes. We need that in our live show. Brent: Yeah…’cause that would sound awesome. Jeremy: So, Josh, me, Zac or Taylor? Steph: Bass. I’d take Jeremy’s. Kevin: I think I’m going to have to go with Zac’s. That seems like it would be the most fun. Hayley and Josh: Yeah! Brent: I’m going to go with guitar. If I could play an instrument, I’d want to play guitar. Josh: Dude, that’s awesome. Jeremy: Alright girl (to Christine) – it’s down to you. There’s one of everybody. Christine: I’m going to go with Zac. Brent: Zac wins. Jeremy: Hey Zac! (Zac is walking down onstage talking on his phone right at this second…) You suck! Hayley: Well, now we know why Zac didn’t come… Brent: He’s very busy. Hayley: I was wondering why he didn’t come. He’s probably talking to his girlfriend…he wishes he had a girlfriend. Jeremy: Look at him – he’s looking so good, isn’t he? Hayley: Dude, he looks great. Brent: Ok, so I’ve seen you guys 10 times…what is up with Anaheim? This place is nuts. Jeremy: I know…they have been since the first show we ever played. Hayley: Chain Reaction…ridiculous man! Jeremy: Insane. Our first show there was nuts. Hayley: Yeah, our first show there – I remember, it was like – we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Jeremy: That was the last show on the…who was it – what were the bands? Josh: The Audition Kevin: The Audition, I Am The Avalanche… Hayley: Yeah, it was that show… Kevin: Rock Kills Kid. Jeremy: Yeah, Rock Kills Kid. Hayley: Rock Kills Kid, man. Jeremy: And that show…like a night – a night or two before, there was like maybe 3 kids. So when we got there…that was like huge. Hayley: Seriously – listen to this – we played in Iowa like 2 nights before like he said… Steph: Iowa? Hayley: Yeah, ridiculous right? Well, it might have been a little bit before that, but anyway…like….not lying….9 kids came…we were standing outside the door of the venue trying to get kids to come…we were like “come on!” Jeremy: Kids were walking home from school and we were like “we’ll give you five dollars if you come watch us play!” *get signal to wrap it up* Hayley: I just wanted to say…I’ve seen a couple posts online and all that stuff….I know there are a couple people who are worried about us…if this record takes off – that we’re just going to forget where we came from and all the people who were there first. But we love you guys so much. Josh and Jeremy: Yeah, for sure. Hayley: We’re really thankful for you guys. Every time we come here – here, and every time we see someone that we’ve known for awhile at any show, it’s just such a good feeling to know that…without you guys, we wouldn’t be here. So thanks. Don’t worry! No worries! Jeremy: Love you guys! Brent: Thanks guys.