Jessica Simpson Will Be Ashlee’s Maid of Honor

All we have locked down as far as Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson‘s wedding plans are … well, not much. Rumors have been circulating that it’ll take place this month somewhere close to Los Angeles, but who knows where those rumors started.

One solid little detail that has been confirmed since the couple got engaged last month is that Ash’s older sister, Jessica Simpson, will be her maid of honor, according to Can I be brash here and say, “Duh?” It’s not like Ashlee has an army of female friends to choose from.

Half the Wentz-loving commnity is clawing its own faces off in agony as this day approaches, but the rest of us just can’t wait to see P. Stump in a tux. Awww. Maybe Jessica and Patrick Stump could do a little duet at the wedding! Yes plz.