Pete Wentz

VOTE: Pete Wentz Hotter As A Blonde?

Pete Wentz has gone blonde! The Fall Out Boy rocker, known for his dark, spikey hair, posted a photo with his lighter locks and a…
Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Jared Letopic


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afycso Jun 25, 2014

Fall Out Boy: The Young Blood Chronicles Finale

Finally, it's the end of The Young Blood Chronicles by Fall Out Boy. After we all wondering for a few months about What's in the…
deeisdian May 22, 2014

Youtube Evolution Of: The Ready Set

HAPPPY FRIDAYY! Starting way back around 2009 a lovely group called The Ready Set was signed to the label owned by Pete Wentz of Fall Out…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Apr 18, 2014

Reply A Love Letter From Fall Out Boy

"And at the end of the day, we're all chasing the same thing. We all end up in this same room for a reason. We're…
deeisdian Apr 16, 2014
Introducing The Hottest News Anchor: Patrick Stump and Pete Wentzvid

Introducing The Hottest News Anchor: Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz

Do you ever imagine if your favorite band dudes become a news anchor? Watch Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy took over…
deeisdian Mar 22, 2014

Artist to Watch For - The Ready Set

Meet Jordan Witzigreuter, a 24-year-old musician from Fort Wayne, Indiana who is about to take the pop world by storm with the release of his…
clarefitz Mar 18, 2014

Vote For Fall Out Boy On MTV's Musical March Madness and They Will Dance With A Refrigerator

"When we win, we're going to do all kinds of glory dances, we're going to do a new version of 'The Super Bowl Shuffle' and…
deeisdian Mar 12, 2014

What will Happen Next On The Young Blood Chronicles: Rat A Tat

The new video of The Young Blood Chronicles from Fall Out Boy is finally out, it's Rat A Tat featuring Courtney Love. She's successfullly tearing…
deeisdian Mar 06, 2014

Behind The Scene Of Fall Out Boy x Courtney Love: Rat A Tat

Finally, a new sneak peak for The Young Blood Chronicles next video. It would be Rat A Tat featuring Courtney Love. They shot all the…
deeisdian Mar 05, 2014