If You’re Sleeping On Lil Nas X It’s Time To Wake All The Way Up

Some have been calling 2019 the year of Lil Nas X and yeah, they would be right. ‘Old Town Road’ has stayed at the top of the Billboard Top 100 for 13 straight weeks beating classic Drake slaps like ‘In My Feelings’ and ‘God’s plan’ for the title. Kiki, do you even stream? If you’ve… More »

Meghan Markle Got A Unique Upgrade To Her Engagement Ring

Royal watchers have been drooling over Meghan Markle’s engagement ring ever since it was publicly debuted in November of 2017. It was perfect, and designed by Prince Harry himself! But during her recent Trooping the Colour appearance she showed off an updated version of the three-stone ring. The original ring had three diamonds set on… More »

Malia Obama Is About As Normal As A Former White House Child Can Be

Malia Obama is about as patriotic as you can get. First of all, her birthday is the same as America’s, the Fourth of July. Plus – not sure if you know this – but her dad was the President of the United States for two terms. She also currently attends one of the most prestigious… More »

These Casting Choices Really Came Out Of Nowhere And Shocked The Fans

In pursuit of the ‘next big thing’ sometimes producers and directors make casting decisions that have us shaking our heads in confusion. It’s not always a failed attempt and sometimes the risk pays off and you end up with Daniel Craig as James Bond. Here are some of the most shocking casting decisions that Hollywood… More »

How The Animals Of Chernobyl Are Surviving And Thriving After The Disaster

You’ve watched the HBO series and all the surrounding YouTube docu-series about what went down at reactor 4 in 1986. You know all about the various conspiracies about government involvement and mismanagement. You know Jessie Buckley did a great job as Lyudmila Ignatenko. But what you might not know is what Chernobyl looks like 30… More »

Rules You’ll Have To Live By To Become A TLC Star

TLC was originally branded as ‘The Learning Channel’, but it’s really made a name for itself thanks to reality TV. It’s no secret that the reality aspect of reality TV might be more acting than you think, but exactly how much of it is fake? TLC is notorious for creating shows that fit in with… More »

People Are Sharing The Weirdest Things They Found In The Woods, So Watch Your Step

When you go on a hike you, expect to find a variety of flora and fauna. You know, the typical green things that make you take your antihistamines and go on your Instagram page to break up your string of mirror selfies. What we don’t expect to see is a mountain of dinner plates or… More »

These Things Are Disappearing Because Millennials Refuse To Pay For Them

Each generation gets unfairly judged for whatever reason. Supposedly, Baby Boomers were a bunch of hippies, and Gen X gets called slackers. The harsh stereotype attached to millennials is that they are wiping away the old way of doing things (even though they were working just fine for everyone else). This includes phenomenons such as… More »

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