10 Old Fashioned Words That Should Come Back Around

Honestly, it’s hard to keep up with all the new Internet slang. It just never ends. Plus, there’s weird slang like QIR that doesn’t even make perfect sense. Shouldn’t it be CER for “cue eye roll?!” I don’t get it. Why not go back to simpler times? Here are ten old fashioned words and sayings… More »

Lyrics Rule: Jimmy Eat World’s ‘In The Middle’

Keep your eyes down, and the volume up. There are days you just want to put on your headphones, close the door to your room and soak in music. Listen to a story paired with a nice melody you can hum along to and later turn to when you need it. There are lyrics you… More »


50 Of The Best Paramore Lyrics

Yes the rumors are true; I loveParamore. Okay, you’re right — I have never been shy about how much I love this band. With their self-titled album coming April 9th I am beside myself with excitement. The music has always grabbed me in so many ways. With it’s aggressive heart pounding riffs — or Hayley… More »

Question Of The Day: What Word Do You Wish People Would Stop Using?

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard the phrase, “Use your words.” For the most part, this is good. The thing is, you have to make sure they are real

Words To Live By – Our Favorite Quotes

It has been some time since I asked you crazy kids for your favorite quotes. Not song lyrics, mind you, but actual quotes from people that you think are awesome and worthy of your advice…

Wave Goodbye (To Summer) & Words To Live By

I’m always late on posting my results. That is usually because strange things happen to me. Mostly I am late this week because I just got back from helping three magic faeries escape from the…

QOTD – Have You Ever Made Up Your Own Word?

Today’s QOTD comes from a suggestion by @AlexHer123 via Twitter. Yesterday, I was doing some kind of strange and utterly tragic Tweet about a word I thought I just made up by mixing two…

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