Wave Goodbye (To Summer) & Words To Live By

I’m always late on posting my results. That is usually because strange things happen to me. Mostly I am late this week because I just got back from helping three magic faeries escape from the confines of some powerful warlock, The Wizard King Salpatrios. He had them in three enchanted jars which were scattered across the lands that make up the Kingdom of Golandia. I had to find the 3 Enchanted Witch Sisters and retrieve the spells necessary for removing the cursed lids of the jars to release the faeries.

Anyway, lest I go on here and write some weird fic of some sort, I am back and ready to show you what Iska did with her summer other than take pictures of cats –

You can read about it here – Yay Blogs!

A newcomer to Buzznet, IAmJewAsian posted her blog of awesome in which she alerted us to her graduating from the University of Life –

Go read about her summer exploits here – zOMG ADVENTURES! She had lots of fun at Warped and stuff, so go and be jealous.

Then I did stuff in Yosemite and nature and crap –

Here’s what I did – NATURE!

Earlier today, I was taking a peek at some photos of all of you being awesome. That’s what I usually do round these parts. I came across this gem by AllTimeNoelle

That got me to thinking about how lots of you BuzzPeeps like to take pictures of things you’ve written. A while back, I wrote a blog about Lyrics and Photos – Living For The Written Word. This blog was full of some of your fave lyrics all snapped with your crafty lenses.

Noelle’s photo had me searching for other things written down and I came across these –

From the Artist Jane – The Things That Matter Most

From Rosario

RiotLainie has started posting Quotes of the Week, which are totes inspiring –

Now it’s your turn. I’d like to see your written advice, your things that inspire you. Go ahead and make it fancy. Scribble it out. Share with us your favorite quote. Let’s see what gets you through your day.

Should you decide you want in on the sharing, just drop me the link to your photo in my notes.

Get to it! Inspire me 😀