Question Of The Day: What Word Do You Wish People Would Stop Using?

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard the phrase, “Use your words.” For the most part, this is good. The thing is, you have to make sure they are real words. I know this is the internet and sometimes I bust out with LoLspeak, but IRL, this r unacceptablz.


However, I don’t think this rule applies to me because I am an internet cat even when I’m off the t00bz. So there. Lest I digress, let us talk about words that people should not use.

Disclaimer: I can’t remember if we did this as a QOTD already. So if we did, ANSWER IT AGAIN OR I WILL CRY DIGITAL TEARS.

What words should people stop using? Not phrases, mind you, as that will be another topic for another day. GO!