10 Old Fashioned Words That Should Come Back Around

Honestly, it’s hard to keep up with all the new Internet slang. It just never ends. Plus, there’s weird slang like QIR that doesn’t even make perfect sense. Shouldn’t it be CER for “cue eye roll?!” I don’t get it. Why not go back to simpler times? Here are ten old fashioned words and sayings that should totally make a comeback:

Quibble – It sure feels classier to tell your pals you’re simply in a quibble with your boss as opposed to an argument or fight.

On The Horn – With texting and social media we’re rarely “on the horn” anymore, but that doesn’t mean the expression should die. Instead of saying, “call Grant!” try saying “let’s get Grant on the horn.” Sounds way more boutique.

Malarkey – People love to talk a bunch of nonsense. Or bullshit. Let’s hope malarkey comes back as a term for all the ridiculousness.

Brute – A brute is defined as a savagely violent person or animal. It’s also a great way to describe an asshole that aggressively hits on you at the bar.

Humbuggery – Humbuggery refers to absurd behavior or ideas. Basically, everything on Keeping Up With The Kardashians is straight humbuggery.

Kerfuffle – Next time there’s a commotion or a fuss, sub in kerfuffle to keep it light and amusing.

Swell – What a killer way to tell people you’re doing A-OK, amirite?

Beau – Instead of Bae and Boo, call your love your beau again!

Nizzle – Apparently this old timey word means you’re buzzed or slightly intoxicated. You’re welcome.

Jangle – This term basically means gossip. So, don’t spend your days just jangling around!