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Get Your Brain Out of My Body!

So, this week’s TAI… TV features some mysterious (you gots to wiggle your fingers when you says it) happenings for the guys from The Academy Is… Okay, mostly for William Beckett and <a…

New Fall Out Boy Podcast: Pete and Patrick vrs. The Cobra Morning Show

In a new podcast, available for free on iTunes, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy are interviewed by “Mad Dog” and “Billy

hot & cold

I was pushing my stomach out to be funny because I actually told everyone i was pregnant ha

What a Catch, Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy makes good on their word.  You can’t deny that.

After today’s fiasco involving the announcement of Folie a Deux being pushed back, followed quickly by the announcement

The Oracle in my Chest: Fall Out Boy’s Folie a Deux Delay Astrological?

With the news that Fall Out Boy‘s Folie a Deux will be postponed, many people are looking for answers.  While the guys explained themselves perfectly in a post on…

We Believe that God has Lust for EVERYTHING

(Please note: Continuing to read this article after this disclaimer acknowledges that you have a sense of humor about faith and religion and will not get offended at some jabs that…

Fall Out Boy Confirms L’il Wayne and Debbie Harry Cameos on Folie a Deux

Fall Out Boy has gained a reputation for crossing genre lines and attempting to borrow from both rock and hip hop in their music.  And it looks like their upcoming album, <span

Fall Out Boy’s ‘Folie a Deux’ in Flux

Apparently the guys from Fall Out Boy haven’t really been spending their time baking donuts.  They’ve been hard at work on polishing their upcoming album Folie a Deux. [cut=The…

Gabe Saporta Update: Vocal Cyst

So, last week I updated with news that Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship was on vocal rest due to throat problems.

Well, according to Gabe’s Twitter the situation is worse than previously

cutest thing since sarah palin’s vagina

Gabe Saporta Twitters: On Vocal Rest?

It turns out that Cobra Starship lead singer Gabe Saporta and keytarist Vicky-T have both jumped in on the Twitter craze. And so far, following Gabe’s updates has been

Pete Wentz’s F’NMTV Saved the Music Video…for Awhile

So, it was reported yesterday that MTV’s Total Request Live will finally come to an end this November.  This will mean that one of MTV’s vehicles for at least playing clips from music videos

‘Circus’: New Britney Spears Album in December!!!

Britney Spears is releasing her 6th studio album on her 27th birthday — which means December 2nd of this year! The first single off of Circus will drop a week from

New Fall Out Boy Album Nov. 4: ‘Folie a Deux’

Considering I actually spent the weekend off the internet (GASP) I don’t know what steps led to this, but announced that Fall Out Boy will be releasing their new album, <span style="font-style:

warped tour is over =(

Breesays/Trendysecret Vlog Part III:

Scandalous bugs and Gabe Saporta

The PETA Problem

So, I figured with the announcement of the poll for World’s Sexiest Vegetarian, it would be a perfect time for me to go off on a wild rant about my dislike for PETA.

Let me…

Pete and Ashlee’s Wedding: Decaydance Bands Weigh In

Ashlee and Pete have been the Wentz’s for maybe 24 hours at this point, but some of their friends are already weighing in on the situation. And they’ve…

Gabe Saporta, All Time Low and Vinnie From The Movielife Perform ‘Become What You Hate’

Midtown live! Sort of. See Saporta, ATL and Caruana cover them at Kingston Peel in London on Thursday. Credit: jamie5star on youtube!

All Time Low and Gabe Saporta ‘Get It Together’

In news I am sort of ambivalent about posting, All Time Low and Gabe Saporta performed a MIDTOWN song at last night’s show in Glasgow. And…